Friday, August 10, 2007

Amusing amusement parks.....

Okay, I realize I am totally "lifting" Kristi's idea of grouping my posts, but is really the only way I could manage. Thanks for the idea, Kristi! I took way too many pictures. How many have my children's face in them? Not many. They were the most uncooperative, but who wants to look at Mom and that camera, when they could look at Mickey?

Hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure.

At the entrance of Disney, Charles and Tyler were so excited to explain where they were.
She finally understood!

Poor kids, it seems there was alot of this going on this time around.

Natalie's first ride on the carousel. It is always the first ride they want to go on...anywhere.

Tyler "goofing" around in Goofy's House.

Lindsey got to meet him!

And Mickey too. She did not meet or see 1 princess while she was there. We always seemed to just miss them.

Out of nowhere, Minnie runs up to Natalie and in a flash, she was gone again!

This was a recurring theme with Tyler the whole time we were at Disney. He was so upset that we did not get to go on the new ride, Finding Nemo. There was a 2 1/2 hour wait everytime we went by it....and it was just too, too hot to stand for that long. Maybe next time.

Waiting in line for Dumbo.
After playing in the water area, the kids entertained each other while waiting for their lunch. She loves her big brother so.


We had to go on the other carousel that was at California Adventure. Natalie's an old pro now!
She is smiling so hard in this pic....look at those cute hands.
One more of the sweetie on her whale.

It was so hot.....that watermelon hit the spot!

Lindsey had grapes instead.
Daddy and daughter time.

We decided to try the Sun Wheel. Not our best choice. Inside, there was no where to hold onto and Tyler really couldn't handle it. The rest of us did enjoy the one full turn we got on it, before we had to ask to be let off. It was too much for him. I am proud of him for trying though....that says so much in his progress.

Lindsey with her first ever cotton candy! Which is sweeter? I'll go with the girl:)
We all went on the teacups together, but Tyler didn't want to come with know, we are so embarrassing;)

A few

action shots.
Waiting for the Muppets movie to start.

Tyler couldn't wait for the pep rally to begin.....he is all ready for High School Musical 2 to come out on Aug 17th...are you? I have to confess, I do love the music.
Another family ride on the ladybugs, which are just like the teacups. They had so much fun!

Water play.Her first ears!
Playhouse Disney on Stage.

Tyler could NOT wait for it to start.
Racing off to the next adventure.
Posing so pretty! Notice Tyler's thrilled expression? Uh, pre-teens are fun!

She couldn't take it....some of the lines were that long~

Michael reacting to the Pooh ride. I have like 1o more, but didn't want to overdo it.....insert laughter here!

Amusement parks just aren't that amusing if ice cream is not involved.

One of my main requirements when you go to Disney....the Penny Arcade. It has always been my favorite.
Yes, it is true, my 17 month old chooses a rat in a store with so many other options. Other recent choices have been a hippo and a peacock. What can I say? The girl likes what she likes~ On our way back to the hotel, Lindsey was so sweet to Minnie and let her ride in style, Natalie's hat and all.
San Diego Zoo

Had to get Dad in on the act in the Children's area!

This pic cracks me up. They are my two little 2 sweet snugglebugs.

Without sounding like a complete downer, I have to say that the zoo was not all that fun for us. Not sure if it was the time of day we chose, the time of year, or bringing the children was the reason. No, really...there were some amazing animals and the landscaping was beautiful, but it just wasn't what we envisioned I guess.
*All of us LOVEd the reptile house, but it was Michael's favorite.
*While we were all staring at the pygmie hippo, Michael was squealing about the itty bitty duck paddling past it.
*Fish make Michael happy. I don't even think he knew we were there with him. He was watching their every move.

Tyler could not believe Thomas was there

or Spongebob. I swear, they are taking over the world!

Can you see the sarcasm dripping off of his thumb? He went on this ride because he couldn't stand waiting for me and Lindsey on

this! My baby loves roller coasters like her Mama! Is it wrong to be so proud of that?
Waiting in line..
I love this pic of Charles. He just realized what ride I coaxed him into taking the kids on.
It's a fire academy and you race the other fire engines to the burning building and you try to put the fire out first. Whoever gets back first wins. The pumping takes 2 people and poor Charles had Lindsey and Michael to hinder, er I mean, help him.
The funniest part was that he was pumping the water alone and he still beat 2 of the parent teams! I was laughing so hard, while Charles was trying to pump the engine back to start, Michael and Lindsey were pushing down while he was going up. In the end, the kids were so proud of themselves....they put out the fire with their Daddy. How cute is that?

Gotta buckle up before you drive.

Lindsey and Michael got their drivers licenses and they were quite pleased!

Michael entertaining us while we waited to ride the helicopters. One of his new phrases is, "Honey, I wuv you". And he says it as though you are the cutest thing he has ever seen. So funny. He does keep us laughing.
Ahhh, to take a nap while being wheeled around and not care who saw my tummy, would be a wonderful thing.

Lindsey patiently waiting for her caricature to be finished.

It was a fun day

and what better way to end it? With an ice cream
Of course!


Cristina Mathers said...

CONGRATULATIONS! you win the award for the longest picture post ever! =) i love the pics, you guys had such a wonderful time i can tell! it must have been so much fun watching your kids light up at all the new and exciting adventures! you also win mommy (and daddy) of the year for bearing the crowds and lines with all your little ones. i can't wait to do that with our girls one day. happy summer!

Heather said...

Ha! I do have a problem with choosing what pic to use and I don't want to leave anyone out. Thanks for the sweet comment. Now, I have to post Lindsey's birthday was only 2 weeks ago

Cristin said...

Looks like you had a great time. No wonder Disney is called 'the happiest place on earth'...

We lived in Northern Cal for a few years and our children LOVED going to Legoland...

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jill said...

It appears you guys had a great trip. It's hard to cram so much in though isn't it? It becomes stimulus overload for the kids (and me too). How was it weather wise, it would have been too hot for me, but what did you think?