Monday, August 13, 2007

Am I 5 all day? all day long?

Lindsey turned 5, July 29th. We celebrated with our family on her actual birthday. She had a wonderful time. 5 is a big deal, ya know.

Five traits that Lindsey has....I wish were mine.

*She is not afraid to voice her opinion.

*She is a natural athlete. I can't wait to see which sport she is drawn to.

*She draws very well. She is very expressive and loves to use lots of color.
*Her skin is the most beautiful color. I really can't describe it, but I sure do wish I had it.
*She can dance......really, really well. You can tell that she feels what she is hearing.

She could hardly control her excitement.
Squealing with delight that all the "girls" were wearing the princess party hats.

I don't know why, but this pic cracks me up.....they look like the 3 faires from Sleeping Beauty. that their feet are touching.
Taking a break and reading with Grandpa.

Loving her present from Natalie.
Who kept taking off with the letter pillows Gram made for Lindsey. Such a great idea.

Can you tell she loves art supplies. Grandma Marie knew what she would like.
"She has been waiting for one of these, all day long."
She stopped opening presents to use the jump rope. She is so easy to please.
I bought a piece of art from Sweet Imaginations. I am still surprised with how much she loves it.

The rest of the night she took care of her new babies in their crib and pram stroller, Grandma & Grandpa Russell got for her. She was so loved. Thank you all for your generous gifts. She is a lucky girl.

*You know it isn't a party if there was no wrestling. Natalie had the upper hand here.

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Jill said...

She looks so absolutely thrilled with her birthday celebration, what a gift that is. I can totally relate to admiring qualities in my kids that I wish I had myself, I think it's a good thing though.