Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beach days.....

Bear with me, it is a lot of photos. Here is a little photo summary of our 4 days in San Diego. The weather was perfect, the beaches beautiful, and the water was wonderful.

Michael was so happy to go to the "oshin". He kept running to the water yelling, "Crabs" and running from the water yelling, "Crabs". It was comical.
Lindsey was beside herself to "finally" be at the beach!
Natalie deciding what to do first.
Her first steps into the water with Daddy. I love this photo.

And this one.
And oh yes, this one.
You haven't been to the beach if you aren't dirty!

Our big boy overcoming his fear of the water(those crabs, ya know).

Natalie giggling in the sand.

Hysterical pic of her telling us..... No, no, no!

We had all of this fun after driving 2 hours from Anaheim.....explaining our lack of swimsuits.

Tyler and Charles hangin'
Charles and Natalie waiting for Tyler's surf time. Tyler was lucky enough to be accepted into a Surfers Healing surf camp. It's for children with autism. Read about it here.
In his life jacket and ready to go. Can you see the anxiety in his eyes? Poor kid, tried to hide it.
Lindsey found some new friends to play with.
I caught Lindsey and Michael having a tender moment.

Tyler meeting his instructor.....Michael.
You wouldn't know he was nervous once they started paddling out to the waves.
He really had no fear once he was out there....I was amazed by this. He kept trying and trying. He was so intent on doing it.
While her brother was finding the perfect wave, Natalie was running down the beach. She wouldn't look back and when she heard you call her, she ran faster. It was so funny.
I love this photo! I think it is his favorite one too. He kept saying, "I kept wiping out, Dad". All with a huge smile on his face. The volunteers and instructors were so wonderful with the kids and their families. We spent the day with all these people going through some of the same issues as us, and it felt good. Tyler was also excited because a CBS news crew was there videotaping the camp. I didn't even know it, but there was also a underwater videographer there. I have several pics of them videotaping Tyler. So keep an eye out for it on CBS. They didn't give a definite date, but they said it should be in 2 to 3 weeks. When we were done for the day, we asked him how he felt and he said "proud". We are too, Tyler, we are too

On our last 2 days at the beach there was lots of:

Brother bonding. I love the fact that Michael wanted to be with his brother.
Sand squishing.
Shell collecting.
Sand castle building.

Water testing.
Exploring. Okay, am I the only one who loves this photo? I love how the sand is in contrast to her dress.

being taken.
LOTs and lots of smiling.
Family togetherness.


Cristina Mathers said...

wow! it looks like you guys had so much fun! i have no idea how you do it with 4 kiddos but you all really seem to enjoy eachother. when do we get to see disneyland pics?

Mom2fur said...

What a great day together! You know, I'm looking at the baby standing in the water and thinking it would make such a pretty painting. Wish I painted, LOL!

Jill said...

These pictures are making me want to go to the beach too, it looks so fun.

I love the family feet picture!