Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A 7th grader and a Kindergartener?

Apparently, I have a 12 year old and a 5 year old. I wish someone would have told me, so I could have prepared for the first day of school. I would have worn some waterproof mascara, carried an extra box of tissue, and had a mountain dew(my stress reliever) in hand. I would have taken an ibprofen to counteract any possible migraines brought on by emotional trauma. I would have remembered to get pink milk and chocolate milk for their breakfast, instead of plain ol' pancakes, bacon and eggs. I would have told them how very proud we are of them and how much they have brought to our lives, so much love. Oh, wait.......I did do that and we are....so so proud of both of you.

*Lots of pics....I can't seem to help myself guys. I love em so much.

Don't you love the weeds that have overcome the weed killer we put on the yard? Can you guess what our weekend will consist of? Ick. He does look handsome, so you probably wouldn't have noticed the yard if I hadn't pointed it out....due to his cuteness. Oh, wait, he is 7th grade I can't say cuteness......his, um, coolness???

She wanted to show off her school gear.
You all realize, he has passed all of us, but my father and grandmother? Only because they are 6' tall. I guess I make em big!
One of my faves. She INSISTED that we take a picture with Daddy, because he had to take Tyler to school. I love that she was thinking ahead.
Heading into her school to check out her classroom.
After meeting her teacher and putting her supplies away in her cubbie, she looks happy, excited and maybe slightly nervous??
Her teacher wanted to teach them how to line up every day before school. Notice how she isn't looking back? Just looking forward to her fun, new adventure.

My favorite pic after school. Can you tell she is exhausted. The eyes glazed over says it all.
Telling Daddy all about her day.
Proud smile.....because she is just "so big" now.
How do you celebrate the 1st day of school?
With ice cream of course!!!!


Ms Sarah said...

Yeah Tyler! What a cool dude you are! Hard to believe that you are a 7th grade cool dude already. And ( I know I shouldn't start a sentence with that) ,wow , a sweet kindergarten sister. I remember your Mom standing outside Rogers asking me what you'd think of a baby in the family. You're obviously doing a great job being the big brother.
Heather, I love seeing pics of mt friend.

Mom2fur said...

Best of luck for a great school year, guys! I hope kindergarten is a blast. And 7th grade...wow! You're practically a grownup!

One year, I had one in grammar school, one in middle school, one in high school and one in college!

Cristina Mathers said...

i love the pic of lindsay and her daddy! that is true love!

i remember an episode of the cosby show where the kids go back to school and cliff and claire are so happy that they can barely stand it!

Jill said...

Wow, I'm freaking out that I have a 4th grader and a 1st grader, but I'd really be freaking out if I had 7th grader (ha). The pictures are darling, both kids look stylin and ready to go. I love it that she didn't look back. Of course, it would have been sweeter for you if she did, but there's something so impressive about such a little person marching off in confidence like that.