Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tyler graduated 6th grade. I cannot believe it. He has been at Rogers Elementary for 8 years. 8 years people! That is a long time. He started there in preschool with Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Jenny. They have helped Tyler so much through the years. Such comforting presences for him.
Mrs. Parks was Tyler's Kindergarten teacher and has always had an open door policy for Tyler. When he had any issues she had him come visit her to talk it through. Lucky for us, Lindsey will be in her class!
Mrs. Loomis, Tyler's resource teacher since 1st grade. Wow, she has really been one of Tyler's rocks. She gets his humor and she has helped us as a family make some pretty important decisions regarding his education. Mrs. Pickard, one of the sweetest teachers/women you will ever meet has been the other rock for Tyler. She has helped Tyler try and become his own advocate, learn communication through social stories, and sooo much more. I want to thank all of you for all that you have done for Tyler. It has meant so much to Tyler and me. Many a time, when I have struggled with dealing with Tyler and his condition, you have been there for me with a talk or even a hug. You all have helped Tyler be the success that he is today! THANK YOU!

****Also, that thank you is extended to you Stacy and Georgeann. Thanks for all those pep talks!

**Update......we would not have thought of Tyler being in the autism spectrum, if it weren't for his occupational therapist, Sarah S. She was so so willing to help, so easy to talk to, and Tyler's closest friend. A teacher from the UK, who knows all about Thomas the Tank....what fun!
Thank you Sarah!

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