Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Children at play.

HYSterical. I wish I had videotaped him singing.....I don't know what he was singing(not sure he knew either), but he was passionate about it.
I was thrilled when this was happening. For two reasons....1) She is actually stroking him, not slapping him and 2) they were playing together. Imaginative play! She was his Mommy sending him off to school. The beanbag was their car.
Here he was screaming "I did it!" because Mommy had just told him that he did a great job with his seat belt. So cute.
Lindsey has become quite the little hula-hooper! Much to Dad's dismay, she really can shake her hips!
Most of the pictures I took, she is so intense and focused that she almost looks mad. Here was a nice, quick smile for Mom.