Friday, May 11, 2007

14 months today.

In honor of that, I'll list 14 things that Natalie is doing right now.
1. She says "baby".
2. She is cruising all over the place. She should be walking any day now!
3. She is using her spoon surprisingly well.
4. She has learned from her siblings to, oh man, I didn't see it coming this soon!
5. Her second tooth has come in(technically, halfway in).
6. She says "Bye" with a southern twang to it.
7. She climbed onto Michael's bed and with her legs dangling off the side, cried for me to come help her. So cute.
8. She gives me five.
9. She says "Tank you"
10. When you ask for kisses, she usually gives them to you. They were the open-mouth variety, but now she is pursing her lips together and using the kissing sound.
11. She wanted to go to bed tonight and she stood at the bedroom door, knocking on it. Sweet baby.
12. Is fully on milk from a sippy cup!!!
13. She drinks milk from the bowl.....without really spilling anything.
14. She makes me smile every time I look at her. She is such a are all my babies:)


Rachel said...

Aww. She sounds so sweet! I can't wait until Owen starts talking. He should be walking anytime, too. Just think of the messes they could get into together!

Cristina Mathers said...

i wish ellie would use a spoon! happy 14th month sweet natalie!