Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer vacation and an impromptu tea party.

Friday was the 1st day of summer vacation. Am I ready for it? No. Are the kids? Of course. I am still trying to get all the stuff planned that I need to. Lindsey loves tea parties. Mostly pretend and sometimes with a little water and cookies. So, I decided, we decided to throw a real one. We went on Evite and invited Daddy to Lindsey's Tea Party in the backyard. She got to choose a tablecloth, the napkins, plates and food.
Here is the hostess with some pretty spring flowers she picked to put on the table.
A bowl of YUMMY cherries. Pink lemonade(tea), water(also tea), carrot bread muffins, flower shaped jello jigglers, tuna and peanut butter finger sandwiches, and flower shaped of course. She was so excited that Daddy could come. I was so excited that Daddy felt it was important to come home for lunch to be with her/us.
Natalie had a good time. The smile says everything. Her collar would not stay down and I was not ironing it for playing in the backyard! Notice her two pearly whites?
One minute they are fighting and the next they are like this. The mystery of siblings. I'll never understand.
***Tyler was there along with Charles, but photos are not available due to grumpiness of a pre-teen having to attend a tea party.


Rachel said...

How adorable! You are such a fun mom, and Charles gets major kudos for coming home to have "tea" with his daughter. And check out those chompers! Way to go, Natalie! ;) Looks like you had fun, and what a great memory for Lindsey!


Wenni Donna said...

Tea party in summer vacations is worth enjoying. We are planning a graduation party at one of soothing venue New York after our convocation. Hope all of us had a great time and make fabulous memories for our future.