Thursday, May 31, 2007

I survived day 2.

Tuesday, we hit the zoo for about an 11/2 hours. Me, alone with 4 kids. It was alot of fun. They were all on their best behavior. I couldn't believe it. Posing on a big rock they loved. The whole zoo full of animals and they wanted to play on the rock.
Watching pennies go down a funnel.
With Tyler, I was always one of those parents who wouldn't let their kid climb on the bars. You know, you could get hurt. Look what 3 kids later has reduced me to.

We took lots of great pics of the polar bear diving into the water and swimming. Their absolute favorite. We also saw the spectacled bear up-close and personal. I mean, his face was on the plexi-glass! That was cool. The tiger was in the water too, which we have never seen before. He wasn't swimming, just hanging out. Lots of fun.

Wednesday, we went to Target. Yes, Target alone with 4 kids. Am I crazy? Now, I know there are alot of people out there in blogland who do this all the time with 4 or even more, but for me it is a challenge. Anyhow, we made it through with with the new a couple new DVDs and everything I was looking for...except for straws. Why can't I ever remember to buy straws? They were so good that we went to McDonald's for a treat.

Can you handle the excitement? How many days til August 14th? Just kidding. If the last two days are any indication, I can make it until then:)

Other tidbits

*Natalie will not stay off of the fireplace.
*Tyler is in summer heaven, now that we have cable and it's in his room!
*Did I mention I finally got hi-speed internet? A miracle.
*My sister-in-law is coming to town tomorrow night.
*I am so behind on good is really not funny.
*7 lbs gone.
*Natalie does not like tilapia, but everyone else does...even Tyler!
*We are finally getting new carpet!!!
*Natalie says "poo-poo" and "boo-boo"
*Michael carries his dinosaur bag everywhere he goes. He is a collector.
*While we are cooking dinner, the kids love for us to turn the radio up and dance around the kitchen. Alone, together, or with them.
*I miss you, Christine!


Rachel said...

Wow! Brave Mama! I'm glad it was a pleasant trip and your kids were so good for you. They'll have such good memories when they're all grown up.

Jill said...

I see lots of women around here who brave stores with 4 or more kids at a time, but they never look happy about it. I'm glad they were good for you.