Monday, May 07, 2007

Lindsey's photography debut.

For Christmas, Santa brought the kids a Fisher Price Kid tough digital camera. I never downloaded the pictures because a)the kids kept deleting them b) I am the worst procrastinator. Until yesterday. Lindsey's view of her parasol at the fair.

I love this photo. This is at the zoo. Can you see the fish that she was trying to take a picture of? Man that tank/window is dirty. I just love her shoes.
Saturday, Charles took Lindsey, Michael and Natalie to the zoo. By himself!!!! She took this great pic of an anteater.
Grandma and Grandpa posing for her.

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Rachel said...

How cute! I bet Kyra would love one of those. I've seen them at the store, but never really looked into getting her one. She DOES have a birthday coming up. :)

Tell Lindsey we say, "Good job!".