Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow, what a great weekend!

Friday, the kids were out of school for a grading day. Charles surprised them and took the day off! We planned on going to a pumpkin patch, but found out that they were not open during the week, only for school field trips. So, we looked up some info to find some fall color in our area. After seeing Jill's outing, I wanted to see proof that fall is here.

On the way to the car, these two cuties looked at the camera!!! Oh, I thought, it is going to be a good photo day!

We headed out on our little excursion that was supposed to be only about 40 miles away. We followed the directions guessed it, never found it! We saw the sign that Bisbee was only 15 miles away, so we decided to give it a go. I was so excited to get some fun pics while there and guessed it, my camera battery died! HUH? I left the extra, already charged battery on the counter! So I only have a few from Bisbee.

The kids loved this tunnel! You can see it was a very short tunnel, but they had so much fun,

I mean look at how excited he was!

The view on our way home. There were wild sunflowers along the highway the entire way, but I couldn't get a good pic. Here is one I got when we stopped. When we got home the kids stretched their legs in the front yard. Lindsey loves watering the flowers!

Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch. Lindsey is going on a school field trip to a different one on Friday, but we wanted Michael and Natalie to experience it too!

They had so much fun with the maze! They really thought they were trapped and it was up to them to help get us all out!
Leading us through the maze.
A little concerned about getting out!
The leader is so proud of herself.
Am I the only one who loves this pic of Daddy's hand?

YES! We made it out!

The search for the perfect pumpkin begins!

After we left the patch, we raced home for Lindsey to make it to her classmate's 6th birthday party! I have no photos to document it since we didn't know ANYONE at the party....thought it might be too much. Her classmate, Dahlia, has autism. And it was one of my proudest moments, to hear that Lindsey helps her alot at school. At the party, she was very careful with her and yet, tried to include her. I am so proud of her!
Sunday, we did some projects around the house....nothing too exciting, but the kids played in the yard ALL DAY LONG! YAY, for cooler weather!


Cristin said...

It looks like a nice weekend...

You got some fun pictures!

Jill said...

It's kind of funny to think of you searching for signs of fall while sweating it out in Arizona. We're now freezing here in Utah and had to actually scrap ice off the car windows this morning!

Your pictures are darling, and the dad's hand picture is very cool.