Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The costumes.

I am the one who always has these great big elaborate ideas for costumes(and other holidays, but that is another LONG story). So, I have these visions.....visions my children often don't share. They usually change their mind about their costumes last minute, won't look at the camera or complain that it is not exactly right. So feast your eyes on our Halloween past.

A repeat, I know, but I had to start somewhere. Misplaced are 1994~as a 2 week old little punkin. 1995~as a 1 year old car mechanic. So cute. 1996~as a sweet lion. 1997 really reflects what he was into that year. Anything and everything to do with Winnie the Pooh. 1998~was the year of find what ever costume Tyler would wear. Ended up being John Smith from Pocahontas. 1999~Tyler was his favorite engine....Thomas the tank.
2000 was a fun year for us. Tyler chose his costume and we got photos done. I cannot find the other pic that had his wand, cards and flowers...sort of a ta-da expression on his face. This one is pretty cute though.
2001~Tyler was Willy Wonka. We reused his magician's hat and cane/wand. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is his all-time favorite movie. It's pretty high on my list too! He loved that costume.

Missing in action is 2002 where Tyler a spooky ghost with make-up. Lindsey was a little punkin(thanks to Tyler's costume I STILL had) and a little leopard for the actual trick-or-treating. The 4 photos above are from 2003. The top pic is my fave....doesn't it look like he has a parrot on his shoulder? That's our Lindsey!

2004~Lindsey was going as a witch, Tyler a mummy, and Michael a spider, but as you can see Miss Lindsey changed her mind and Tyler was not a willing to stay still to be a mummy. Everyone that saw Michael and the Halloween party thought he was a gang member with the knee-high on his head.
Halloween 2005~Lindsey and Michael went as JoJo and Goliath. The easiest costumes ever and worth the price. Tyler went as Sportacus. So cool. Charles, Natalie and I went as black-eyed peas(I was prego with Natalie at the time) Get it? Black-eyed P? I thought we were so funny!

This brings us to 2006. Lindsey went as Dorothy, Michael as Thomas(thank you Tyler for keeping it so nice) and Natalie was a flower.
There you have it. A little Halloween history from the 6 scavos!

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Jill said...

My mind tends to go blank when it comes to Halloween costumes. I always want Whitney to be a witch because there are so many cool costumes for that. This year she wants to be a cat, and that shouldn't be hard but I haven't done anything about it yet. Landon is going to be a jailbird this year and is wearing a costume my mom made my brother 20 years ago, so we should be all set with that.

Usually on Halloween night I come up with ideas for what I should have dressed up as or what I could have done differently, but I never remember those ideas the next year. I'm Halloween-impaired for sure.