Saturday, October 27, 2007

School on a Saturday?

This morning, Lindsey and her dad went to her school to help with the kindergarten garden. She was beyond excited to be spending some Daddy/daughter time ALONE! I was most pleased that she was so willing to help her school/community!
***See the woman in purple in the background? A mother of one of Lindsey's classmates. Also, went to school with Charles. She remembered his eyes.....Anywhere we go, SOMEONE knows Charles. When Lindsey started preschool on the other side of town last year, an old classmate recognized him at the open house. The grocery store, the mall, school functions, even our honeymoon. No lie. We are out on the bay on a boat and there on the dance floor is one of his old co-workers. Crazy, huh? It truly is a small world.


Mom2fur said...

Won't Lindsey be proud when the garden comes up!
That's funny about people recognizing Charles. I guess he just has one of those memorable faces, LOL!
Thanks for visiting me. Yeah, the coupon system is cool. A little fussy, but not much fussier than any other hobby I've ever had...and at least this 'hobby' pays me back, LOL!

Cindy Copley said...

Hey Scavos!

Elaine passed on your "blog" information! What a BEAUTIFUL family! Lindsey and your kiddos are adorable! Would love to catch up sometime!

Love and God Bless!