Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They're Cute and Crafty!

Caught~~~~~~1 adorable computer whiz! Surprised~~1 sweet hide-n-seeker.

Found~~~3 loving kids loving on their babies. Notice Michael's Caillou?

Discovered~~~1 sweeter than sweet birth announcement of our friends the Mathers' new baby, Avery Grace.....in the refrigerator! I am just happy I found it before it got ruined.

Those crafty kids made $1 trick-or-treat pails.

And painted pumpkins.

This is one of my favorites. Brother and sister working together.

I guess they don't work together as well as we thought. The paint all over her face is courtesy of her brother!

She put herself in time-out.....I can't stand the cuteness of it.

Lindsey working on her punkins.


Claudissima said...

hey there..beeing wanting to get to know you better, I hope you don't mind...there is nothing like little hands of children painting or doing crafts...I took my little ones to chickfila yesterday for their kid eats free...and they painted treasure chests...they are just adorable.

Cristina Mathers said...

such fun! i wanna come over for crafts!

Jill said...

You guys are always doing so many fun things that it makes me tired and makes me think that my kids are missing out. Hmmm.

That's too funny about the birth announcement in the fridge.

Cristin said...

I love the blue paint/ blue eyes!
So sweet! Cute & crafty for sure! :)

The birth announcement in the fridge is priceless!