Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The race is on.

How many hours til it is the new year? I want to get all my holiday posts up before then....wish me luck.
She made a to-do list for us. On the list?
Finding the perfect Christmas tree. While we were there, imagine our surprise to find Santa!!!
We loved walking through all the trees, felt so festive.
Here the cutie snacked on a candy cane Santa gave them.

Once we were home, it was fun to see all the kids helping Dad with the tree...see the little one behind Tyler? Yep, she helped too!
They even helped with the tree stand....some serious tree trimming techniques were being discussed!

While Santa in the background helped with the tree....these 2 WANTED their photo taken! What? They confuse me, these children of mine.
Decorating the tree was fun.

They were a little better at finding the perfect spot for their ornaments.
A cute one of my love. I buy an ornament every year from Pier One and he got to hang the newest one.

What decorating fun would not be complete without hugging, kissing and talking with our very own Santa?

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