Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve.

Lucky for me(lucky for all of us, I guess) that I was well by Christmas Eve. We went to my mom and dad's and had a good time.

First things first....let's get a photo of the kids in their pjs in front of the tree. Oops, not enough light.

The best photo of them....unfortunately, 3 cameras going at once=too bright of a photo.
Okay, let's try it one more time....uh-oh, we lost one. This is the story of my life. A thanks to Tyler for smiling nicely each and every time. Can you show your siblings how it's done?
Mom in the kitchen....notice her cute headband?

Hugs were happening all over the place.
After snacks, the kids waited patiently for present time.
My Grandma even got in on the how Michael is checking out what she got!
Loved seeing the girls helping each other open their presents.
Tyler got some Power Ranger books and was overjoyed.
It makes me so happy to see Lindsey enjoying her sister open her presents.
Here is a those pjs.
Did I mention Tyler got Power Ranger books? Highlight of the night!
Lindsey is a chapter book girl now....another one to add to her collection!

Her smile says it all. The girl really was into the presents this year! she has her own diary. Secret passwords, invisible ink, and a magic cool.

The excitement of the night? Lindsey, Michael and Natalie got a new Leapster 2 from their grandparents. They were so happy. All in all it was a great night.


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Heather
Happy new Year.
I really enjoyed all the great pictures you shared. Looks like you had a wonderful fun filled family Christmas. Your kids got some lovely presents.
Best Wishes

Stacy said...

Your new lens is AWESOME! GREAT pictures (of course it helps when you are a wonderful photographer :)!