Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freddy was here....

Though there are not many photos to prove it. I was sick and alot of my Freddy ideas were not executed in exactly the same way as I would have done.

There were a couple of days that Freddy got sick too:(

A couple of them were not even documented. Like the huge snowball fight that occurred between Santa, Gingy & Freddy....they must have had the best time. Or the cool tree nightlight/wallflower in the bathroom that glows many different colors. Or how he was hiding inside one of our stockings...such antics!

Here is one photo of Freddy at our computer emailing SANTA...can you believe it? Poor photo due to photographer's fever of 103 or higher!
This was a pretty exciting morning for us....we couldn't believe our eyes.
Freddy had his own house under the tree....maybe he was tired of the needles falling on his head while he slept or maybe the ornaments???

He left with Santa on Christmas Eve and we already miss him. Hope he comes back next year!

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