Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The concerts.

First, let me thank anyone who is still reading my blog for sticking around. I haven't been the most dedicated blogger these past few months. This month, I was on track, but sickness got the better of our house. After I went through my 6.5 days of illness, Tyler was and is the lucky recipient of that same type of flu. He is on day 5 of this and thankfully, feeling a bit better than he was. I will try to fill you all in on our busy month of December....

I give you the concerts:
Michael was so happy to be with his friends at night....not at school!! Here he is with his friend, Jacob. Jacob's twin older brothers were in the same kindergarten class with Tyler, as these two boys are. Crazy, no?
Lindsey found a few of her friends to hang out with before the show....
Can you find Michael? I did my best from the back of the auditorium.....

And I know you can find Lindsey...love for that sweet smile.
After the show.....I wanted this to be our Christmas card. It shows their personalities perfectly.

A few days later, it was our little Natalie's turn!
Please let Mommy take one?
And these were the best we could do.
A little anxious before the show began.

She sang her little heart out though. It was adorable. All of the children did a great job!

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Jill said...

Cute photos all around, I love both girls' dresses!

I hope you had a good birthday this week!