Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scavo Highlights

1.My baby boy is going to be 5 tomorrow.....did you hear that? FIVE. Unbelievable.

2. The kids celebrated their 100th day at school.

3. I was so excited to see this poster up on the board, ready for circle time, in Michael's preschool classroom on Tuesday. No matter if you voted for him or not....he is our president and we should support and pray for him. His speech moved me and watching that sea of people waving their flags definitely brought tears to my eyes.

4. A surprise on my doorstep. Lori,my sweet blogging friend, sent me a wonderful tote for my birthday! It is so fun and had a sweet little heart sachet attached. The colors are so bright....I can't wait to fill it up with lots of books & magazines. You are so generous Lori, thank you!

5. My 14 year old had to shave. Yes, he HAD to. He had a beard going joke. This is the only photo he wanted me to put on the blog. Kids and their privacy, ha!

Another baby boy growing up WAY too fast.

6. Our mailman(the best we have ever had) informed us that he is retiring and his last day will be on Saturday. Boo. He is a great guy and the kids love him. What helped soften the blow was this adorable box I rec'd from Kim Sue. I know, do you believe she wrapped the mailing box in zebra print? I was squealing from the cuteness of it! Inside just made my heart happy. Red, black and white everywhere. A fun tote with black and white print, ditto on the napkins(which you all know I have an obsession with napkins), a cool black polka-dot notebook, a black photo frame, a black reusable grocery bag and a cool Hello stamp...that I have turned upside down was inside this fun birthday box. Thank you for thinking of me Kim Sue....I love all of it!

7. Last Sunday, we went to my Mom's to celebrate her birthday. I think she had a good day....the kids made sure of it.

8. Still struggling with my word for the year....hopefully, I will have it by February 1st.


mysteryhistorymom said...

So many wonderful things happening at your house! I'm so glad you like the tote, Sweetie! You are such a dear friend.:) Lori

Jill said...

That box of goodness from Kim Sue is just too cute!

I am so not ready for my son to be ready to shave, hopefully I've got several more years to get ready.