Friday, January 23, 2009

Five for Friday.....Michael's Birthday Edition.

Today, he is 5.

{Opening a birthday card from his Grandma Dot..notice the concentration, aka,tongue wag}

Here are some of his favorites.


1. Macaroni & Cheese....rainbows and wheels.
2. Oranges.
3. Hangburger with ketchup.
4. Pancakes with syrup.
5. Cauliflower & macaroni.


1. Perfection.
2. Candyland(the new shape version)
3. Monopoly
4. Connect 4
5. Memory


1. Bet on it------------Troy from HSM2
2. Kaboom------------Ursula 1000
3. Lots of Little Pigs---The Laurie Berkner Band
4. I don't dance--------Chad & Ryan from HSM2
5. I'm a big kid---------Little Bill


1. Leapster
2. Remote control trucks
3. His marine life figurines.
4. Dinosaurs


1. The Gingerbread Man----------retold by Jim Aylesworth
2. Ten Little Fish-----------------Audrey Wood
3. Tales from the Track---------- Disney/Pixar Cars
4. Thomas and the Shooting Start-Britt Allcroft
5. My First Bible.

Outdoor games~

1. Swimming!!!!
2. Bike riding
3.'re it!
4. Dirt digging.
5. Hide-n-seek.

TV shows/movies~

1. Little Bill
2. Land Before Time
3. Wow, Wow, Wubbzy.
4. Cars
5. Hot Wheels!

And 5 words to best describe him~~~~

1. Purposeful
2. Soft-hearted
3. Comedian
4. Willful
5. Charming

You are all that and a whole lot more to us Michael. Gosh how do I describe how much you mean to me? I can't imagine what my life was before you came to us. I love you, buddy. Happy, happy birthday!


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a sweet idea, Heather! I will have to remember and do this with my girls this year. A moment in time captured in words and thoughts- precious! Lori

HAppy Birthday, Michael!

Jill said...

Cauliflower and macaroni?!