Thursday, January 15, 2009

All those days in between....and some REALLY good mail.

I celebrated birthday number Went to the park and watched my littlest stomp "weaves"..

and catch our almost 5 year old doing "no hands" on the slide.

After our little New Year's Eve soiree with our kids, we nursed our hangovers of apple juice, nachos, and ice cream and headed over to Charles' sister's house for a New Years Day brunch.

It was a good time.

On January 3rd, our good friends, The Darwins came to town. Minus one important person(Ray), but still lots of fun.

Their first day in town, we went with her friends, The Hamiltons, to Sabino Canyon and rode the tram.

{Isn't she beautiful? Inside and out, inside and out , I tell you}

{Inside the visitor center, where my flash no longer worked}

Here are the girls reading their books from the gift shop....they became fast friends!

On Sunday, their last day here, we went to the park to meet with all of her Az friends(that could make it).

Michael & Sam were inseparable the whole day.
Same could be said for Miranda and Lindsey.

The kids didn't mind the rain, as long as they could play and eat pizza!

We were sad to see them go.

Lots more I could document, but I think I will just start fresh with my recent good mail delivery.

Well, really Lindsey's good mail delivery. 2 big bags of gently used clothes that fit her right now from our sweet friends, The Meyers. They are the best. And if that was not enough, Maddie goes and gives this to Lindsey.........
A Barbie dream house, the Barbie Jeep and hello.......

the Barbie Cruise Ship!!!!!! The girl was beside herself. All I heard in her room was "This is AWESOME!!!".
Thank you, thank you. It was very generous of you.

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StacyD said...

That was kinda weird to see my face on another blog! Maybe, just maybe, I'll update mine this month (year?)...we had a blast. Still all warm and glow-y from the trip. Thank you for being such a great hostess and friend! *hugs*