Thursday, October 30, 2008

A hoodlum and a peanut butter cup.

When I put on her shirt/hoodie, she left it up ALL day long.

Cute right?

Even while we were playing ball and "pick a color on the ball, Mommy"...she left it up.
I thought that she would take it down while working so hard on her "I painting a PICHUR, Mommy!" aquadoodle. No, apparently that helps in concentration:) And if that wasn't sweet enough for you.....looky what I got in the mail.
This delicious, diet-breaking, gigantic peanut butter cup from Made by Crissy Mathers. She makes several different kinds, but you know me and peanut butter....I can't control myself. Check out her etsy was really rich, but so good!


mysteryhistorymom said...

She is soooo sweet in that little hoodie! She is almost as sweet as that homemade peanut butter cup! I got my goodies the other day from her and can't wait to try them.:)

HAve fun making your caramel apples! Hope you get some nice crisp apples. Ours were a bit on the soft side- but still good. I'm so picky.... Lori

Michael and Cristina said...

i love that hoodie! it is the sweetest! besdies that sweet smile of course! thanks for the shout out!