Thursday, October 23, 2008

While big brother was away.

enjoying Natalie MacMaster with his preschool class. Natalie and I went to the park. She had been playing with my headband and asked to wear it. It matched, but let's just say it was a little

big for her...hee, hee.

Classic Scavo kid pose......"help me, my mother is taking a zillion pictures again!"

Driving with no brothers or sisters to bother her!

Just had to post this one for you to see her eyes....they are so light. also, what was she looking at so intently?

In Natalie's words..."Now, be careful kids...............wheeeeee!"

Part of the water park that she so desperately wanted to play in.

So proud to climb up the bars herself. "I can DEWWW it Mommy, I can!"

the only way I could get her to the car was to have a race

while we held hands(how is that a race?)

and the promise of cold apple juice...ahhh.

Caught this on the way to pick up Michael. Isn't it beautiful?

It was a very good day..

not counting the orange sharpie all over my beautiful sheets and the toilet overflowing, of course.

I do not know what happened to my pics....they are all wonky....I'll fix em later after I have cleaned up whatever else they have been up to! Have a good night!


Kim Sue said...

cutie pie...she's precious, love that outfit (including the headband!)

Cristin said...

So the curls!

l e a h said...

The headband, the curls...way cute.

mysteryhistorymom said...

The headband was perfect! She is so precious! How can you resist taking pictures of her?:)

Thanks for the comment about Katie and her friend with the little birds picture. I love that one, too!

I had some candy corn and peanuts last night and thought of you, my friend! Thank you so much! Then I placed an order with Doodlebug Designs. Thought of you again! Oh, and Edward has left town (supposedly) but he called out to Bella to "Stop!" while out with her friend. The book is getting me through many sessions on the elliptical machine...:) Lori

michelle said...

What pretty pictures! Love the candy corns, as well.