Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for tonight?


Black, yellow, and pink are major players in the ensemble.

***Spiderwebs made......Check!

***Buy candy for Tyler to hand out....Check! $15 later:(

***Paint pumpkins with Grandma..... Check!
***Carve pumpkins.....Check!

(he is really progressing....halloweens in the past, he would never touch the knife, let alone carve)

***Avoid cameras ALL the time....Check!

***Decorations up.....Check!

***Cut out pumpkin shaped sandwiches and cucumbers for their lunch, also decorate their lunch bags, but forget to take pics of it all.....Check!

***Wear Halloween colors to school because they don't allow costumes anymore!?!??!?....Check!

***While they are at school set up the back yard for I go.....



mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- I love your check list! You certainly go all out!:) I'm off to take pictures of the girls before our home school Halloween party... Oh no! It just started raining- ack! Lori

michelle said...

What?! They don't allow costumes in school?? That's crazy and no fun at all.