Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where do I begin?

To say that I am behind on posting is truly an understatement. So here goes....prepare for another contender for the longest post ever and probably the most random.

While my Gram Jo was here, we took her to the zoo.

And to the park.
Before my grandmother headed back to upstate New York, I took her to one of the casinos here. She has never been to a casino! We had no luck, but at least she can say she went! It was fun to have a little time alone with just her. We miss her so much already.

On our way to Daisy scouts, I pulled over to take a pic of the view from our neighborhood. I had my small camera, so the pics don't do the view justice.

She had so much fun at Daisy Scouts. They rec'd certificates and made a yummy treat. It was pretty cute. They each poured an ingredient and each of the ingredients signified an important part of being a daisy scout. Like marshmallows for sticking together, etc. They loved that they were doing it all together.

Michael & Natalie have been playing well together lately. Lindsey & Michael too....are we turning a corner here? I hope so!Grandpa Ralph & Lindsey having some quality time together.

For Charles' birthday, I made lasagna and the kids & I made him a chocolate cake! For a change, we made him a coffee cake for breakfast...instead of our tradition of cinammon rolls.

Yes, that is Michael sleeping with his eyes OPEN.....creeps me out, sometimes.

This picture to show you our new rug. You like? Natalie has extremely curly hair. The kind when she takes a bath, there are really tight curls all over her head. I love it, but don't know what to do about it. Combing it out seems to make it frizz. Letting it air dry keeps the curl, til the next morning....she looks like Grandpa from the Munsters or as we sometimes affectionately call her Einstein, after Albert. Then it is just an unruly mess. I have tried barrettes.....all of them fall out. She has super fine hair. Also, where her hair is growing in is part of the problem. A patch in the front, a patch on each side above her ears and a patch in the back. HUH? So, I tried a ponytail(see above) and it just looked plain weird. It would have been cute if I could have pulled some of her hair from the front back to add to the pony, but that wouldn't work. It just looked to messy. Any ideas?

Lindsey finally got to use her paint set.......I will take some photos of her art when I get a chance. She really does well.
This is just to make you laugh. She was about to give me a kiss...See what I mean about her hair?
Lindsey just relaxing in the yard.
Lindsey showing off her Thanksgiving card she rec'd from Aunt Nancy. Thank you, Aunt Nancy for all of our cards. You are so thoughtful.

Two cool shots courtesy of Lindsey's photography skills.

Michael's turkey he made at school. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

Lindsey invited us to her Kindergarten's Family Feast. So we all went...except Tyler(poor kid had school). Our little pilgrim sang songs, recited poems and served us our lunch. She was proud to show off her little brother and sister.
Lindsey's (and Tyler's) fun-loving Kinder teacher is going in for a full hip replacement surgery this week. We will keep her in our prayers. She is such a wonderful teacher and person, we can't wait to see her back to her pain-free self!

This is the only picture I have of our turkey day....the aftermath of it anyway. We had a great day and I was so happy of how all the food turned out. Just happy to have all of our family together!
Did I mention, Natalie slept through the ENTIRE meal? It was not as hectic worrying about her, but I missed her.

Here is our Cinderella cleaning up her mess.
After cleaning, she was thirsty.....don't worry it was empty!
Babies just love soda bottle don't they?

After baths, we headed out to look at Christmas lights. It was getting pretty bad when I would see a light and say "Look kids, a strand of white lights!" They were not so impressed. Until we saw this house. At least our ride wasn't a total bust!
After our unsuccessful light fest, we watched WKRP in Cincinnati, the turkey episode. "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!" Still a classic.

Blackout Friday, I went nowhere! Nowhere! I put new shelf liner in the cupboards. Does that just scream excitement or what?

I hope that catches you up a little on our lives here in Scavoville.


Patriot said...

Wow! That was a long post - but it looks like you've been busy!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know about my blog. I host a new giveaway every Monday. Come check it out! Thanks!!

Mom2fur said...

Cute photos! All your Cinderella needs is a few cute mice to help her.
I love the painted turkey handprint. Those are so precious as they grow older. I made a turkey about 15 years ago using tracings of my kids' hands for the feathers. Amazing how much bigger they all are, and how tiny they once were!