Sunday, November 18, 2007

Charles is 42!

42 things you thought you knew about Charles.

1-He is a wonderful father.

2-He is a wonderful husband.

3-He is a wonderful son.

4- He is a wonderful brother.

5- He is a wonderful friend.

6- Have I mentioned he is wonderful?

7- He loves sour candies....especially sour patch kids.

8-Once, he built a koi pond in his parents backyard.

9-He is loyal.

10-His favorite childhood cereal was Wheaties with wheat germ and sugar on top.....

11-He has an amazing smile.

12-To go along with his amazing eyes.

13-When he was young, he looked just like John Travolta. Now that he is a little older, some say he looks like a cross between Travolta and Alec Baldwin.

14-He makes me laugh every single day.

15-He was born in Staten Island.

16-Moved to Arizona when he was about culture shock!

17-Favorite sport? Baseball, all the way.

18-Spinach and egg sandwich was his favorite lunch, his Mom would make him.

19-He is still friends with his group of high school friends. Most of them were at our wedding!

20-He has the sexiest hands!

21-He plays with our children....alot!

22-He falls asleep every night from 9-10, and then wakes up for the news.

23-He loves gardening.

24-He has one older sister.

25-A super-light sleeper...that he has passed on down to Michael.

26-He has asthma.

27-He is allergic to cats....but still visits with my parents and grandmother(they have 3 each)!

28-Spent the night at the hospital with me for each of our children's birth.

29-Knew Kate Walsh. And everytime we see something she is in, I have to hear that she used to say"I'm just a girl named Kate". Every single time!

30-Graduated from the UofA.

31-Bonded with Tyler in a way, I never thought someone could.

32-He is a terrific cook.

33-He LOVEs salt.

34-Any time he has a drink...juice, iced tea. He has to water it down.

35-Like his whole family, he eats salad after dinner.

36-One of his favorite artists is Tina Turner. Favorite song by her? Steamy Windows.

37-He planned our honeymoon in one afternoon, after the 9/11 attacks changed our original plans. He took care of it all and it was wonderful.

38-He is sensible with money, a great saver.

39-He has the kindest heart. When he was in high school and throughout college, he would go to his next door neighbors house and help his elderly neighbor put her husband to bed! She wasn't capable of carrying him and it saved them the money of having to hire an aide at night. Even when he was at parties, he had his friends drive him over and he would carry the man to bed. Is that the sweetest or what?

40-He is a complete germaphobe, but having kids has relaxed him a bit. He has learned to go with the flow with them.

41-He built our ramada in our back yard.

42-We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. He is simply the best!

Happy Birthday, Charles!


Cristina Mathers said...

happy birthday!

he does have very kind eyes. i remember thinking that when i first stumbles about your blog. the post was an anniversary post with the two of you. isn't it amazing to have a wonderful man?

hope you guys have a great birthday day!

StacyD said...

Happy Birthday! Y'all have a Dr. Pepper on me :)

Jill said...

He sounds like an exceptional man! Happy Birthday!