Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My day in numbers.

10-Diapers changed. So far.

22-Catalogs in today's mail. Running total for the last 3 days....63!?!

12- time I have tried to go online to post.

4.5-hours of sleep Charles & I got last night.

9-tangerines consumed today. Yay for vitamin C.

1-Christmas card rec'd! Huh? It is still November! Talk about being organized!

0-photos I've taken today. Shocking, really.

50-times I have said "No", "Stop it", "Enough" and "Leave (insert any name you choose) alone". Okay maybe that # is incorrect....let's go with 100. It has been one of those days!

2-Out-of-town guests that arrived last night. My fil's sister, Nancy and his niece, Nickie are here. I can't wait to finally meet them.

1-box arrived....scratch 2 off Santa's list :)

1-mid-afternoon bath due to miscalculated move by Mom....chocolate covered cookie, that should explain it all!

2-of Natalie's molars are breaking through.

27-days til Christmas.

22-days til Winter break.


Mom2fur said...

We can always 'count' on you for an amusing and interesting blog!
Hope the molars aren't giving Natalie any real trouble.
I have about 8 cards addressed, but haven't stamped them to send yet.

Cristina Mathers said...

awesome post! you are very creative!

Cristina Mathers said...

and a catalog addict! i get excited when i get 2! if i got 22 i think i would blow a fuse!

Cristin said...

Such a creative post.
(I couldn't begin to keep track of my day in numbers!) I'm impressed!

Jill said...

Oh my, 10 diapers changed, that's grim.