Friday, July 06, 2007

Sizzlin' Summer Swap

After all the fun I had with Kelly's favorite swap, I joined another one! It sounds like fun.

Sign up by: Sunday, July 8th at midnight
Send out by: Monday, July 23nd

Here are the guidelines:

1.Collect and mail six items following the S-U-M-M-E-R theme. Each letter represents a type of item to be sent-they can be bought, made, or found around the house (there's room for interpretation with these-be creative!)

S-sweet: everyone needs something good to eat while lounging next to the pool

U-unique: lots of opporunity to be creative with this one!

M-made: meaning homemade-does NOT have to be complicated and does NOT have to be made by you-but wouldn't it be fun?!

M-mommy summer essential: sun-block, flavored chapstick (okay, these are MY essentials), hair ties, sunglasses, a good book-again, lots of room for interpretation!!

E-everyday: one of your favorite things that you use everyday during the summer

R-recycled: can be thrifted or just something you think someone else would enjoy

2. Don't spend more than $15 total (not including shipping)

3. Be creative and have fun!!

Want to do it? Go here.

I think the challenge is going to be keeping it under $15, but I am up for it!


Cristina Mathers said...

omg! i want to do this so bad. and i want to add it my blog but blogger is not working for me right now! i am so bummed! i get an error message when i try to post something new. booooooooooooooo! i did sign up though, and as soon as i can will try to post it to mine. i keep trying to contact tech support, but i have no luck. =(

thanks for the info!

Jill said...

I enjoy swaps, but I think I'm going to have to sit this one out. I'm a mess trying to plan for the big blog party on the 28th (any reason you need to come to Utah around then?) so I can't take on one more thing. I want to see what you end up sending though.

Mique said...

hi heather-
thanks for your comment on my blog!! i'm in on this one too- who knows, maybe we'll end up being partners...:)