Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm here.

Ever have so many things to post, but once you are at the computer, can't seem to write about them? Yeah, that seems to be where I have been for the past couple of days. I do, however, have plenty of photos!
Some pics of our cutie walking on the new floors! The floor is done, but no baseboards or transition pieces done yet. We want to paint the walls before we do that. I am so happy with it! What a difference it makes. Also, wanted you to see Natalie in her cute little hand-me-down dress from Lindsey. Lindsey fit in this on her 1st birthday!Had to show off the little girl on her HOT PINK ottoman/toy box. It was the only one at Bed Bath & Beyond. Had to get it. Also, do you love her "oh mother, please" look?Saturday was McKenna's 5th birthday party. A fun pajama/breakfast party. So cute to see everyone in their pjs and slippers.Lindsey climbing the ladder next guessed it, that is Henry! He was on the lookout for her the whole day. So cute!Karna, McKenna's mom, read fun breakfast/pj books. The kids really loved that while they had breakfast. They had so much fun. We are so blessed to have this wonderful family in our lives! Saturday was also my father-in-law's birthday, but we celebrated it on Sunday night. His birthday dinner request? Angel hair pasta with meatballs. oh, and 7 candles on his cake.

At 77, I thought he deserved cake AND ice cream! Don't you love the lazy susan thing-a-ma-bob for the ice cream toppings. I was so excited to use it. Lindsey wants one for her room:)

Just some fun shots of my baby girl. Thinking about something.
She is a sly one, that sweetie.
Enjoying her telephone that has animal sounds.
I think she was getting annoyed here.
And concentrating.
We are leaving very early Friday morning for our vacation. Am I ready? No? I still have to get together my swap gift, get out some good mail, mail some birthday presents, make and mail Lindsey's birthday invitations, and PACK. Ugh, did I mention do the mountain of laundry that comes out of nowhere?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IAN!!!! We miss you!


Aunt Candi said...

Well, a couple things. I find blogging very frustrating too when heather can't post. scavoblogcentral is by far one of my favorite daily visits. and although I am not a blogger, most times I visit heather's blog, makes me think I'm being a bad mom not blogging my kids. what a great memory of things to help remember about all your kids growing up and even more so for them to look back on.

second, one day last week, while heather was down, I visited some of her favorite blogs to visit and there was a post about whether to post a comment or not.

I would like to let you bloggers know that I am a bigtime lurker. dont' comment too much. But boy would I be disappointed if heather gave up her blog because people didn't post and she didn't think people were appreciating.

so, although family and friends may not comment, know bloggers you are very important part to your friends and family.

if it wasn't for heather's blog, i don't think i would feel so close to her family and I probably visit her gram's blog once a month.

so bloggers, keep blogging, perhaps one day I will be joining you soon. I've signed up and got my domain, just need to start posting.

Heather, you are my inspiration. I so want to offer the same to my ariel.

I'm so glad you're back. And I'm so jealous of your wood floors. they sure do look perty!

Mique said...

Heather- floors look great...and the pics are super cute. So you're leaving on Friday huh? When will you guys be back? Is this for camp for Tyler? I'm debating so I can HURRY to get my package sent to you.....let me know...and good luck with the mountain of laundry (when you're done with yours can you do mine, please? ;)

Cristina Mathers said...

omg! so what's the deal, you take a hiatus and your kiddos grow a mile? natalie looks so grown up! the expressions, the walking! wow! ellie loves that little phone, i think it helped her to learn her animal sounds, because now she is always like moooo, quack, etc. your floors look amazing, do you love them? i'll bet you do! any i was watching CNN tonight and they showed a collassal sand storm in your neck of the woods. did you get to see any of that? anyhow! chat with you soon! =)

Mom2fur said...

Your kids are beyond adorable. Those big, blue eyes kill me.
Thanks for the comment on my Thomas blocks, btw!

Jill said...

Your floors are looking great, and Natalie looks like a confident walker on them (was that fast or what?).

Where are you going on vacation? Did I miss this info?