Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogger is so frustrating!

I haven't been able to publish a post for 2 days! I am still having trouble commenting. Talk about frustrating! I haven't been able to...

Compliment Jill on her amazing birthday post. What a wonderful day! You deserve all that you received! After all, you are the queen of good mail.

Comment on Kristi's amazing post/challenge today. I know I should comment more, but sometimes someone else has already said exactly what I had on my mind. I am going to do better at being a commenter, rather than a lurker. I am up to the challenge.

Find out how Cristin is.....are you feeling well, on vacation or having a busy blog-free summer? I miss reading your blog. Those tie-dye shirts were so cool!

Tell Kacey how much I love all her fun summer products. Check out her website here

Tag my list of Rockin' Girl Bloggers. My Sizzlin' Swap partner, Mique, included me in her list. Thanks! Here's my list...

1. Cristina-a good friend who I found via blogging! Her blog is always sure to make me smile. She has a great sense of humor and has the cutest little one. I am so glad to have met you!

2. Rachel-I have only commented a couple of times on her blog, but her blog is one I go to daily. She has fun and her writing is refreshing.

3. Rachel-another good friend I have found in blogland! She is an inspiration to me. Her writing is amazing, her children are beautiful and after 3 children all 5 and under, she is back to school. Inspiring.

4. Caroline-okay, she has NO idea that I absolutely love her blog. Such creative ideas, recipes and she makes very beautiful jewelry.

5. Kelli & Missy- I am ADDICTED to their blog. So much coolness in one blog. Every Friday they have a fun giveaway.

Am I allowed to include you Mique? We both have boys in the spectrum or as she affectionately calls it, The Autism Mom Club. Her blog is such a fun read. I can't wait to get to know her better!

Man, if Blogger would let me comment I would have said all that and more!

2 comments: said...

Awwwwwwwww How sweet! I hope your blogging troubles are over :o( It is a sad day when we can not blog!!

Thank you for being so sweet!!

michelle said...

It drives me nuts when blogger isn't functioning properly. Funny how much you come to depend on it!