Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Mail.

Nothing like returning from vacation and having fun mail to open! My Sizzlin' summer swap package arrived from Mique. Such fun wrapping(she must know of my ribbon fetish)!
Everything was labeled so cute....why didn't I do that?

S-Smooth & Creamy Vanilla hard candy. I have never tried these, but they look deliciously sweet!
U-super cute flip flop paper napkins to add to my addiction!
M-Sierra Mist lip balm. I can't wait to try it.....have to hide it from the kids though!
M-Okay, I was flipping out over her mommy made stuff. I too, have wanted to make those fabric magnet letters and look, she sent them to me! I love the colors and they are so bright and cheery on our fridge. She also included adorable fabric elastics that she made. I can't wait to try making these...........they are so fun. She also included some sweet good mail labels....I love all of it!
E- For everyday fun, she sent straws~how did you know we were out?
R-She sent a cd of the Wicked Musical......I cannot wait to try it out and yes, Mique, I think Tyler will love it.

This package was so full of happy, I can't explain. So, thank you so much, Mique for taking the time to do this for me. I love all of lie!

Oh, and don't forget you have an additional item that has to be corrected. Sorry about that!
To top off that fun package, I got surprise mail from Clare!
She sent many, many fun scrapbooking supplies that she thought I might use.....I will. Thank you, it was really thoughtful of you!


Mique said...

YEAH!! I'm glad you got the package & liked it!! I posted about your AMAZING package- LOVED IT- thank you, thank you, thank you! I posted about it here (you were gone when I posted about it)- Also after looking at the magnets, it looks kinda silly saying 6 Scavo (I was thinking Scavo 6)...but it would look better saying 6 Scavos. Do you want me to send you an extra S? Is that a silly question? Anyway maybe I'll just put one in the mail to *surprise* you ;)! So I'm glad you guys got home and can't wait to hear more about the trip....
P.s. My in-laws didn't end up coming down (but will eventually), I should've just set up a lunch date with you. Oh well- next time!

Mique said...

P.s.s. You did label everything sooooo cute...I had the hugest smile when I opened your package! said...

Good mail indeed!! Isn't it the best to come home to fun packages :o)

Cristina Mathers said...

you are the QUEEN of giving and getting good mail! =)

Jill said...

Good mail is welcome any time, but coming home from a trip and finding something waiting is absolutely the best. (I count coming home from the grocery and finding good mail as pretty wonderful too though.)