Saturday, January 27, 2007

He had a whale of a time!

Michael's whale party went smoothly. The kids helped decorate.........They put the waves where they wanted, the stickers were they thought they should be and I was okay with it. After all, it was his party, right? We snacked on seahorse, whale, fish, and octopus shaped sandwiches. I was super excited to find Whales crackers(just like Goldfish) at Walmart, so we had plenty of those. Charles made a cute whale out of a watermelon.....the pineapple top is supposed to be the water spouting out. Work with us, people!!! He really enjoyed the Carvel whale cake( I told you I LOVE that place!) The funniest part of the day was how he reacted to his presents. He squealed over cards, gasped at his gifts, he even looked at his clothes before slinging them over his shoulder. He was really sweet.

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