Thursday, January 25, 2007

He had his cake...........

He had a good birthday, I think. Charles took the day off, so he had his Daddy to himself! That is always a special treat. Charles and Michael went to the pet store to look around. This is Michael's favorite activity to do. He LOVES animals....I can't stress it enough, how much he loves animals. After his animal fix, we picked up Lindsey at preschool we went to Peter Piper Pizza. We were the only people in the place! There was minimal fighting over rides/games because we had the run of the place. It was fun. We were able to get enough tickets to get him a shark and whale toy that were the size of credit card. He was happy. After dinner we had cake. Every time Charles went to light the candle he would blow out the match. It was pretty funny to watch. We barely got to sing Happy Birthday. Oh well, it was his birthday after all! He had a good time opening his presents from us. We saved a couple of things for his party on Saturday. He also opened presents from his Aunt Christina and Uncle Dan. He loved it. He got some new Hot Wheels(always a hit), Buzz Lightyear, some clothes, play-doh, a doodle monster, and Mr. Potato Head. Thanks to our Cleveland family! All in all, he had a good day, our little man.

3 of Michael's favorite phrases.

1. "And that's it." Remember to have your finger by your face to really stress it.

2. "I wanna listen!" Remember to say this as soon as you are reprimanded.

3. Anything involving the word whales. "Where are my whales?", "Oooh, whales", "Whales
biting?", "Whales are big.", "Whales, whales, whales."

#3 is the reason we are having a whale party on Saturday!

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