Saturday, January 06, 2007

100 things you might not know about me.

I loved everyone else's list and decided to go for it. Enjoy!

1. I am an only child.
2. Although I love many colors, I always go back to blue.
3. I am NOT a morning person, which is pretty difficult with 5 early morning risers in the house.
4. I have lived in New York, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.
5. I sang "Sad song blue" by Neil Diamond when I was 2 years old.
6. I make delicious french toast.
7. I was on my high school volleyball team.
8. I won the Citizen of the Year award when I was in 5th grade.
9. I once saw President Reagan speak at a convention in Georgia. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade.
10. While I was pregnant with Lindsey, I would eat tomatoes constantly. Whole tomatoes. I don't think my parents could believe it, because I hated, hated, tomatoes while growing up.
11. I love comedy.
12. Calvin and Hobbes was the best cartoon strip ever.
13. I still have a best friend. Christine has been in my life for over 19 years and I can still talk to her about ANYTHING.
14. In my book, DisneyWorld is way better than Disneyland.
15. I love manatees. They are so gentle. While living in Ft. Pierce, we had to do a science project on manatees and I never enjoyed science as much as I did that year!
16. I am an introvert until I get to know you, then you can't shut me up! Just ask Stacy:)
17. I struggle daily with my mothering is a real challenge!
18. I met my husband through my boss and his coworkers matchmaking!
19. Our planned honeymoon was ruined due to September 11th, so my husband improvised and threw it together in one afternoon. It was wonderful!
20. My birthday is December 27th.
21. My eldest son has Asperger's Syndrome.
22. I graduated high school at 17.
23. I miss the east coast terribly.
24. I love the smell of grass just after it is mowed.
25. I really love all types of music. The only type I really have a hard time listening to is Opera. I would love to see it in action, but not listening to it on cd.
26. I had tubes and my adnoids(spelling?) taken out when I was 5.
27. I love concerts, but never get to do that much anymore.
28. I am heavier than I have EVER been.
29. I love board games, especially Scrabble.
30. I love reading!!!
31. I love when hardback books have the plastic covers, something comforting about it. I think it reminds me of going to my favorite library in my hometown.
32. I loved going crabbing with my Dad. Chicken as bait to get crabs, who knew?
33. Although I lived in Florida most of my life. I don't really like seafood except crabs.
34. I have always wanted to be a social worker.
35. I am a shoe and purse fanatic, but lucky for us, no budget for it!
36. I have never been outside of the USA.
37. I love to sing along with the radio, but have a horrible voice.
38. I want to take better pictures.
39. I miss working sometimes. I love being with the kids, but once in awhile, I need some adult conversation!!!
40. I have never been to a professional sporting event, even though I would love it! Especially basketball or hockey.
41. We have no pets, but I want a Golden retriever.
42. I used to have a Basset hound named Bogart and a calico cat named Bacall.
43. My first car was a 66 Dodge Coronet. You could fit 8 people in it. Perfect for going to the beach!
44. My favorite summers were the 2 summers I spent with my grandparents in upstate New York. I swam in creeks, picked blackberries, rode a tractor, learned how to drive a pick-up, got to know my grandparents and my many, many cousins, and just enjoyed a simpler way of life.
45. I love a good joke, but can never tell one without ruining it by laughing or saying the punch line too soon!
46. I am loyal.
47.My husband looked just like John Travolta when he was in high school. No lie. Now he reminds me of John Travolta and Alec Baldwin. Those eyes of his are amazing. The smile isn't too bad either:)
48. I have been bit by a dog. A chow. Now, I have a really hard time being around dogs that I don't know.
49. I don't add salt to my food.
50. I don't like artificial trees.
51. Land o'lakes butter is the only way to go.
52. My Mom picking me up from school early, buying me a shake from In & Out Burger and singing "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield at the top of our lungs together is one of my favorite memories!
53. I drove to Southern Arizona from South Florida with my Mom, Tyler and a very full Saturn.
54. I cannot handle styrofoam. It hurts my ears.
55. I over-analyze things.
56. I have a wrapping paper problem. I love it, stationery, ribbon.
57. I have not had a hair-cut in a year. No kidding!
58. My new year resolution is to take time for myself.
59. My husband makes me laugh everyday.
60. I HATE ironing.
61. I love thrifting..........never have the time though.
62.I love flowers, but my favorite has always been tulips. Since our wedding, my second favorite is blue delphiniums(spelling?)
63. Princess Bride still makes me laugh.
64. I am a good cook, but not the best baker. I am working on it!
65. The last movie I saw at the theatre was Finding Nemo. I can't believe that, we are such homebodies.
66. I wish my house was cleaner.
67. I always swore I would never own a mini-van. No way, not me. We have a Honda Odyssey. Never say never!
68. I don't mind doing laundry. Folding is fine by me, it's the putting away I dislike.
69.When I swim, I HAVE to get my head/hair wet. It is so necessary for me.
70. I got chicken pox on Halloween night when I was 6.
71. I believe in having integrity.
72. I was a tomboy. Sometimes I am now.
73. I used to carry a JJ doll around that said "Dyno-mite".
74. I really can't stand it when you hold the door for someone and they don't thank you, smile or take it from you.
75. I am clumsy.
76. My name was going to be Tea. Can you imagine?
77. I have never dyed my hair. Although it appears I may need too.
78. I have always wanted blue eyes.
79. I LOVE air hockey and get very competitive.
80. I am super ticklish by my ears.
81. I used to hate my smile, but have since realized it's one of my best features.
82. I worry too much.
83. I say "I'm sorry" WAAY too much.
84. I love getting mail.
85. Reading to my children makes me so happy.
86. Bubble baths are the best, but I don't seem to have the time for it.
87. I lived in South Florida during Hurricane Andrew. Wild is an understatement.
88. Speaking of weather, I was in a small twister on my schoolbus when I lived in Gainesville,Florida. One of the scariest moments of my life.
89. Rollercoasters are so fun.
90. I would love to travel around the United States.
91. I don't like chocolate ice cream.
92. I don't drink coffee.
93. I love plantains.
94. I don't have photographic memory totally, but I can usually see the page, remember where it is on the page, that sort of thing.
95. I am a t-shirt and jean kind of girl.
96. I want to be more creative.
97. I want to be more involved with the church.
98. I want my children to grow up learning the value of manners, honesty, and hard work.
99. I love to color. It is very relaxing.
100. I want to step out of my box and embrace my life.


Anonymous said...

I bet I'm the ONLY person that shares #73 with you! FREAKY! You are a top-notch mom and wonderful friend. Keep stepping out of that box, because everytime you do you become even MORE interesting!

Anonymous said...

i love this idea! i think i MUST do this now! thnks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

and thanks for adding links to my pages! i found a company who can publish my cookbook so i hope to get on that soon! =)

Dana said...

What a great list Heather! It was fun getting to know more about you :)

Jill said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, but I've seen your comments on various blogs and thought it was time to come meet you. This is the perfect post to do that with eh?

I am so with you on #74, it makes me crazy!!

Anonymous said...

What a great was fun reading about you & getting to know you a little better!