Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

I decided to take Amanda's blog challenge for a change.

Top 100 favorites of 2006. In no particular order.

1. Natalie's birth 3/11/06
2. My family
3. Tyler's winning the role of "Genie" in the 6th grade class play, Aladdin.
4. Seeing Tyler perform said role in a piece for his school's winter concert.
5. Lindsey starting preschool and mastering it within 3 days!
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Picking apples at the orchard with my family.
8. Grandma Duryea visiting from upstate New York.
9. Celebrating our 5th anniversary.
10. Medium
11. The end to my lurking....led to many new blogging friends.
12. My faith in God.
13. Tyler's continued effort in his social skills group.
14. Watching each one of my children smile.
15. Long distance talks.
16. My new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17. My husband sweeping me off my feet.....often!
18. Jumperoo----Natalie loves that thing.
19. Michael keeping me in stitches with his actions. Honestly, he's funny!
20. Old friends.
21. Lindsey making new friends and fast!
22. Charles & my Dad building a room for Natalie.
23. Pink Christmas Exchange
24. Chicken Parmesan.
25. White cherry blossom lotion/spray/shower gel from Bath & Body Works.
26. Williams-Sonoma............I want it all:)
27. E.R. still watching it after all this time.
28. Our early morning talks over hot cocoa & coffee.
29. Wrapping Christmas presents.
30. Tyler raising his grades in math......great job!
31. Swimming with the kids.
32. Our around town vacation.
33. Our mountain views.
34. Many visits/lunches/shopping trips with my Grandma Russell.
35. Trick-or-treating with the kids.
36. Michael's Wiggly 2nd birthday party.
37. My new camera cell have no idea how ancient the one I had was!
38. Snow Patrol
39. Memoir of a Geisha......I am so behind everyone else!
40. Having fun at the annual Easter egg hunt.
41. Origins
42. Cards.....given or received.
43. Natalie's first word....mama.
44. Playing monopoly with Tyler.
45. Making Christmas cookies with the kids.
46. Tyler turning 12.
47. Dancing with Charles while cooking dinner....the kids think it's so funny.
48. Fourth of July fireworks....hilarious.
49. Seeing out of town friends.
50. Giving and receiving good mail.
51. Keane
52. Scrapbooking supplies.
53. Finding money that I "put in a safe place". So safe I couldn't even find it!
54. Discovering how to make rum balls.
55. Fun park days with the family.
56. Lindsey & Michael getting to know & love Cheech, the turtle.
57. Charles and I going to the casino and actually winning!!!!
58. Chicken burros from Sanchez.
59. Dixie Chicks new album.
60. Everyday Food.
61. Michael being a great big brother.
62. Tyler understanding Aspergers a little more.
63. That the breast cancer was caught in time.
64. My cousin winning the lottery! $, still can't believe it!
65. My new, beautiful gleaming Kenmore Elite dishwasher.
66.Breastfeeding my baby girl since birth and still.
67. The bond between Lindsey, Michael and Tyler getting stronger.
68. Beautiful clear skies.
69. Beck.
70. Laffy Taffy
71. Desperate Housewives.......hey, Lynette has our last name!
72. Playdates for Lindsey and me!
73. Daily talks with close friends.
74. My mom babysitting.
75. Being able to celebrate Ian's birthday before the Harty's moved to Oregon.
76. My husband putting sod in our backyard.
77. My husband buying a large, super fun, inflatable pool for the I didn't have to go in our pool alone with all four of them. So thoughtful.
78. VBS
79. Popsicles all summer.
80. Live Theatre Workshop
81. Carvel ice cream....specifically vanilla soft serve:)
82. Turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
83. Easter egg coloring!
84. Perfect world creme.
85. Lindsey turning 4 and celebrating with a circus party.
86. Pink/orange sunsets.
87. Lindsey overcoming her fear of the doctor!
89. Mary J. Blige
90. Michael finally eating more and eating more often!
91. Polka dots
92. Making dinner with Tyler.
93. Watching the boys wrestle and Michael running and jumping on top.
94. I love Wheel of Fortune!
95. Playing peekaboo with Natalie. Her smile is magical.
96. Tony Roma's Babyback ribs.
97. Magic Eraser
98. Comfy pjs
99. Pink perfume
100. My wonderful family and friends.

I did it!!! Try it out.

One of my most important resolutions, goals whatever you want to call it is........
to take time for myself....What is yours?


Kristi Brooke said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Makes me want to take the time to make one.....Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful 2007!

Anonymous said...

happy new year! i love your list. you and i have a lot in common! and thanks also for the sweet gift for elise. i had that same book many moons ago and i love it. can't wait to read it to her!

amanda said...

Yippee! Thanks for taking the challenge--what a list! Love it.
:) said...

Happy New Year! I LOVED reading your list!