Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And so it begins.

School started for us on Monday. I know! August 11th? It doesn't seem right to me. It seems to be earlier and earlier every year. I decided we were going to try to be a little more friendly to our environment. I set the kids up with a lunch box, stainless steel thermos & snack container and washable sandwich bags. No more Ziploc bags or at least not as many. With 4 kids you tend to use alot of em. Anyhow, onto the 1st day hoopla, well, that wasn't.

This is the type of cooperation I got from Michael.

from Tyler(I had to prove to everyone that I do TRY to take photos of Tyler, but would you want this irritated, anxious, mad face all over your blog?)

and Lindsey, the only child that came through for Mommy's desperate need of 1st day of school photos.

I mean really, is this what you all go through to get a photo too? I do love this photo however. Both of my babies in 1 shot...imagine that!

Lindsey's self portrait.....I love this sweet child o' mine.

Lindsey was the lucky one to have Daddy take her to school. She was so happy to ride with him and just "be" with him. Alone time is a hard thing for us to get a handle on around here, so it was pretty special to the both of them. Once she got to theplayground, she was off and running. Do you love the red socks? She picked them. She was so proud.

Here she is in her new classroom. She is smiling nicely and she seems excited.
I think this shot explains alot about how she was feeling. A little nervous.
And then, this is where my husband wins Husband of the year. He calls me on the cell phone so we could talk

about who was in her class and how proud I was of her. 29 students to 1 teacher. This year ought to be interesting.
At the same time on the other side of town, Michael was busy
signing/stamping into his new classroom.

Finding the shirt with his name on it,

hanging it on the clothesline,giving Mom one smile on the playground

and waiting anxiously in line to go into class. He did so well. He kissed me good-bye with no drama and I couldn't have been prouder.

Back at home Natalie and I played "see how pretty my shoes are?" Don't you love the ladybug? I also had to include the 2nd pic, because I loved how the sun hit it just right.

While Natalie & I played together, Michael & Charles got their haircut. Oh my gosh, is he a cutie or what?

When we picked up Lindsey I had planned on taking some photos of her in her room and with her teacher, but there was drama. She couldn't find her lunchbox....the lunchbox that I just filled with all those "greener and pricier" containers. The search was on. We looked everywhere and I happened to look in a 3rd grade class and found it. Did the teacher even notice that there were 4 lunchboxes still in her basket and no children in the school? I wonder if anyone else "misplaced" theirs in her class. After we found it, she was able to pose for a pic. I love that you can see the sky in the school door windows.

Taking a quick drink from her found thermos. All was right in the world again. We then went to pick up Tyler and was met with so much resistance to the camera that I don't even have any that look like the pic from above. He had a really good day and was so pleased to have Musical Theatre and Drama on his schedule. Hope it is a good year for him.

Natalie was happy that it was the 1st day of school, cause you know that there is always a trip to DQ involved. Please note, Lindsey's happiness is all over her face.
There you have it. All my babies are growing up. All of them.


kacey@doodlebugspaper.com said...

GREAT post with awesome pictures! I know I don't comment much but I read every posts you write :o)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather- Fabulous post! I feel like I was with you all day-and boy, it was a big one!:-) Your kids look fabulous- all of them! Mandy is "over" the whole picture thing, but each shotis a memory- smiling or not, right? I love the "sparkle" from the sun on the little ladybug shoes and the clouds behind Lindsey on the school door! You take the most wonderful pictures!! Your husband was so sweet to call you once he got Lindsey to school- love that.:-) Love the haircut pictures and the DQ pictures, too. You must be exhausted, though... Lori

Jill said...

Kids never share their mother's vision for photos, particularly on the first day of school. I'm pretty much always disappointed by what I end up with, but then end up liking them because that's really how they were that day (it's a fine line really).

Your polka dot shoes are so cute, where did you get them?!

I love Michael's new haircut.

Kim Sue said...

love the first day of school, or loath it....in Jill's words, "it is a fine line".

Rachel said...

I so LOVED this post. I always love your blog for all the pictures of your beautiful kids. Their first day of school looks like a lot of fun...for you and them.


StacyD said...

Greetings from Tokyo Airport (on the way back home) ;) Is that my old room or Betty's? Memories...... What a busy mom you are!!! Talk to you soon,

Mom2fur said...

Congratulations to the kids and best of luck for the new school year. Wow, they really do start early by you! My son doesn't go back (he's a senior this year!) until after Labor Day. But...kids around here get out later than in some parts of the country--the end of June.