Thursday, September 27, 2007

What do we do for fun?

~~~Make rabbit faces~~~

~~~chase butterflies~~~

~~~wear cherries.....Mique totally understands:)

~~~share our best modeling poses~~~~

~~~practice our driving skills~~~

~~~Enjoy an entire meal made by my dear friend Janice. Sour cream enchiladas, tossed salad, mixed fruit, mac-n-cheese and chicken strips for the kids, and this yummy angel food cake.~~~

~~~Make our own "circle" pb&js....also wearing Thomas overalls is just plain fun!~~~

~~~Cute kid games~~~

~~~Perfecting superstar status~~~

~~~Learning & TRYING to practice using our manners~~~

~~~Along with drawing, coloring,and doodling....creating an utenstil holder of her own~~~

~~~Reading so many books~~~ ~~~Reduce, reuse, recycling with the styrofoam pieces from our scanner know I had to leave the room. The sound of them coloring on it was killing me, but I thought it was pretty creative of Charles to have them make houses.~~~
~~~Entertain each other with our own unique storytelling techniques....oh, and eating chocolate, chocolate cake makes it all that more interesting~~~
~~~Learn how to say SHHHH~~~

~~~Squeal, when I rec'd some much needed good mail this week from Mique....the girl knows I love napkins! Thanks!~~~

~~~Play the "change your shoes every 5 minutes" game. Also, can be referred to as "Betcha can't figure out where I hid my other shoe" game. The little girl loves shoes~~~
~~~Stop and smell the flowers~~~

~~~Play peek-a-boo and

really crack up about it!~~~

~~~Grabbing everything from the stroller, carseat, cart, and wagon~~~
~~~Having impromptu puppet shows~~~
~~~and mastering the yo-yo~~~


Stevens girl said...

Oh, looks like you have been having so much fun with your kids. Did you do all that in just one day? Wow!

Mom2fur said...

Sounds like there's never a dull moment at your place! Wow, that Janice is quite a friend! The meal she made for you sounds wonderful. And I just love the styrofoam houses!

Jill said...

Great photos (as usual) Heather. There's never a dull moment at your house is there? Please tell me your kids are good sleepers?!

Kelly said...

wow! you guys are busy. i love all the projects you do with your kids!

Tip Junkie said...

Adorable!! What a great post. Looks like you guys are having such a blast. I enjoy doing crafts with my kiddos as well.

Mique said...

Fun fun fun. I squealed with the cherry stuff!
And I'm glad you liked your napkins.
Hope you are doing well- been thinking of you! :)