Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happenings at our house.

Today was Michael's first day of preschool. Can you see the joy in his face? He has been telling us consistently he WON't be going to school. He can't. He won't. He doesn't like it.

His Diego backpack helped ease the pain a little bit.

Once we went to his classroom, he had a great time checking out all the centers and fun stuff they had, but once the children started coming in with the teachers, he clung to me. I had to try and sneak out...but my Michael is so observant..he caught me every time. Finally, they had to hold him while I left. Walking down the hall...I felt horrible. That boy of mine, pulls me through the hoops, emotionally. When I picked him up he seemed fine...not sure he wants to return, but not too scared of the place. We will see how he does. We are proud of him taking this big step.

A girl taking after her Dad, Lindsey enjoying her toast with egg.

A little project I have been trying to get to, but never seem to(seems to be a theme with us,eh?)
It's a changing table our friends, the Hartys, gave to us before they moved away a year and a half ago! Anyhow, this weekend I got the chance to sand it and prime it. I haven't decided whether to use it for my scrapbooking or gift wrapping(I have an addiction, really I do.) I think it will work out great either way. The fold out top will keep my stuff out of reach of the those little hands. Can't wait to finish painting it and put some new handles/knobs.

This weekend was a lot of fun....alot of family time outside. We

~ searched the backyard for circles. The kids had a great time finding so many variations. Do you believe Lindsey found the circle above? A watering can spout. When I get time(ha!), I want to take their "found" shapes and make a picture book for each of them.

~played "jumping over the moving sticks"-don't you love Lindsey's game title? Cracks me up.

~went wild silly string shooting...
~wrestled Daddy....
~cooled off with 3 days of swimming...
~bbq'd and watched Natalie eat corn-on-the-cob.....so cute.
~consumed many popsicles.

We watched our littlest take on many "big girl" tasks.
She conquered the slide up and down.
She got to swing pretty high.

She was able to go on the seesaw alone.
Can you tell she was proud of herself?

She has mastered many new words and phrases....Here is a list. I am sure I am missing some.
*Where's Mommy?, What's this? What's that? eyes, mouth, nose, head, ears, milk, Ruby, Natalie, Tyler, poopy, peepee, nite-nite, purple, red, yellow, blue, please, more, book, ball, mine, me, yes, Daddy, shoes, meow, bye-bye, papa, grandma, door, done, up, Oh, abc, thank you and


Rachel said...

I hope Michael gets a little more enthused about school. Your kids are so cute. So, so, so stinkin' cute! :)


Cristin said...

Cute pics...

Thanks so much for your sweet package...seriously, what a delightful package to open!

Cristin said...

Oh, I've seen changing tables made into great gift wrap stations...such a smart idea! Post a pic when you've decided how to use it!

Kelly said...

i have to say i'm not looking forward to the day that i have to send my little ones off to school. love the furniture re-work, looks like fun!

crissy mathers said...

could they get any cuter? i don't think so! love N's expressions!

StacyD said...

Your children are so CUTE! That poor dinosaur bag is CRACKIN' me up. I must make him another one in denim that is reinforced on the bottom....