Friday, July 28, 2006

Adventures of a 3 year old.

No more can we say, "She's only 3." Our little girl is hitting the preschool set. She is onto bigger and better things. In honor of her final day as a 3 year old, I bring you some of

Lindsey's Quotes

1. "Cupea" - this is her word for the backyard. Even though she knows the word backyard, she uses her word for it.

2. "Because it is just too big"- this is her answer sometimes to the question "Why?"

3. "Leave me alone, me."

4. "It's my brudder/sister" - when Natalie came home, I think she was a little confused with the new family dynamic.

5. "Cheese and cupy, cupy, cupy" - this was her silly way to refer to mac-n-cheese.

6. "All these....."- she says this alot. Mostly when she is really excited about something new. When she gets new crayons, "look at all these colors", when we have family over, " all these family".

7. "Dancing in my panties"- when she is doing the pee-pee dance, she says she doesn't have to go potty, she is just "dancing in my panties".

8. "Talk to him/her" - When she gets told no from one of us, she runs to the other and tells on them. Then she says "talk to him/her". It's pretty funny.

9. "You tripped my....." - If I have dropped her book, moved her toy, took her blanket.....she uses this phrase.

10. "Baby Waddle"- Her name for the game, Elfun.

We can't wait to see what her 4th year has in store for us!

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Too cute!