Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rain, rain went away...for Lindsey's birthday!

First, I wanted to thank you all for such nice comments and great ideas. You guys know I was holding out for comments!
When I woke up around 3 am, it was raining so I was sure that we would be having an indoor party, but by 9am is was beautiful out.

They started out potting flowers that they could take home with them. I was surprised that not all of the kids wanted to do each their own.

Even Natalie got in on the you guys love that dress I got on clearance at Gymboree? So cute.

Next up was the watering can race. They had to see who could fill up the bucket the fastest. The kids really liked this game!

And for the next 2 hours the kids were in the pool having a great time. The games they invent are really clever..such imagination.

This is my helper extraordinaire...Madeline. She was here for the party, but she helped me so much. She kept an eye on Natalie and while we all were in the pool...she was my lifeguard eyes. Thanks for all your help, you are the best!

After the pool the kids took all their towels and laid in the yard. One of Lindsey's friends mentioned that "this was the life. I wish I could get a massage while I am here." So funny....

But what was funnier, is one of the girls gave him one! The kids were cracking me up.

The birthday girl relaxing. They were enjoying the yard so much, I brought out their snacks. I of course, have no pics, but I made really cute pb&j sandwiches with flower shaped bread just like Lori mentioned. Along with veggies, chips and

fruit from my mom. She made these cute flower bouquets for me. Thanks Mom!

Which led to cake! YUM! Do you see this adorable cake? AND these adorable sunflower cupcakes. I told you all that Janice made fabulous cakes. They were delicious too.

A little more detail...she is so detail-oriented. Thank you so much Janice for doing this for us, you rock!

After cake and ice cream, it was time for presents! The kids wouldn't let me in with the camera. Most of them that I got were like this one. She was lucky to get some really nice things and don't you wish you had the hair color of her friend. Wow, it's beautiful.

One birthday present surprise I was able to get a photo of was of her brand new bike from the Meyers. She is letting me know we have to get started right away, because she has a cool purple bike with a fun bell. Thanks you guys, it was really generous of you!

Before everyone left we had one more game...find the bee. I blew up a bunch of yellow balloons and made one a bee. Whoever found it got a prize. They enjoyed it.

After everyone left, Lindsey went back outside for more planting . It is one of her favorite things to do. Also, give me extra Mommy points for letting her wear her brand new dress that was supposed to be for her 1st day of school to her party. She looks adorable in it.

There was one cupcake left for Lindsey. Who got a chair and climbed onto the counter to get it this morning? Yep, Natalie has a sweet tooth!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Heather! You are Mom of the Year! What an AWESOME party! Katie was watching while I read your post and she said, "I want a flower/pool birthday party!" So do I.:-) What an absolutely incredible day! Happy Birthday Lindsey! Lori

Mom2fur said...

Oh, I am SO glad the rain went away just for Lindsey! It looks like the perfect summertime pool party. That fruit bouquet, omg--do you know how much they charge for those things? Your mom is amazing. And that cake...sooooo cute!

Jill said...

You are out of control!! What a darling party! I'm so glad the weather cooperated so beautifully for the big day.

Kim Sue said...

:) looks like a perfect day!

Cristin said...

Really. really nice! It looks like everything was beyond wonderful...