Sunday, June 29, 2008

June Highlights...

Except for my cousin and niece visiting, I haven't really talked about what we have been up to.

I've been enjoying some Etsy shopping.
Found this adorable pillowcase dress at FreshlyPicked. She also has a great blog at FreshlyPicked.

This cute little set that I couldn't get my girl to take a decent photo in was found at SweetBabyTot's shop. So fun.And lastly, I found this cuter than cute skirt at the LoveSeptember shop. She also has a great blog VermillionRules

I've been so happy watching the summer sky here. I have always been a cloud watcher. It relaxes me, imagine my surprise when I caught this on camera. What do you see?

LOTS and LOTS of swimming. As in, Lindsey is swimming the entire length of the pool with no stopping. Handstands, double flips and cannonballs galore. Michael is now getting better with going under and now jumps to us from the side of the pool...such an improvement. Natalie our little fish is a jumper and loves the water. It has been fun to see Tyler playing with all the kids this summer. Last year, he really wasn't having it.

Lindsey and Michael LOVED VBS. Especially Michael....he went where his big sister went, so he was big stuff.

We've caught some super sweet moments ON FILM!

And some crazy...
And some attitude. We caught up on some reading
And wore fun hats.
We crashed after spending hours in the pool in what looks like painful ways.
We thanked our friends, The Meyers, for their generous gift of hand-me-down clothes, a toy box and a HUGE amount of Polly Pockets....the girl is set. Thanks guys.
We had a good time with wet chalk. Tyler had a great time at his weeklong youth theater camp. It was High School Musical and he was a pics since the seats were so high up. He did a good job though!
On our way to pick him up from camp, it started raining and raining hard. There was hail and the car was shaking from the gusts of wind. I was worried that the kids would be frightened but this is what I found:
a boy in his raincoat when it was 100 outside...asleep.
& Natalie w/her computer hanging there.
Tyler got soaked and we got caught in between 3 washes running. It was unnerving with 4 kids safety to think about too. We got home about an hour later than we normally do. Crazy monsoon weather.

Oh yeah, there was some swimming.

Our fridge bit it and now we are on the hunt for a new one. Thankfully, we still had the old one on the porch...affectionately known as the "popsicle one".

It has been a fun summer so far...wonder what July will bring.


Jill said...

You got a ton of great pictures (as usual). The cloud picture is amazing!

Cristina Mathers said...

everyone is growing like weeds! love nat's red bathing suit! it is too cute!

mysteryhistorymom said...

C U T E pictures! And such cute kids you have!:-) I dropped by the book store today and picked up "The Secret Life of Bees" and "The Glass Castle" for you! I can't wait to hear what you think...:-) Of course, you may start with Harlan Coben. Much more sinister! Depends on what you are in the mood for. How are you liking "Like Water for Elephants" (name?)? My Mom is reading it right now and my Dad LOVED it. Lori

Fell in love with your stationery. Now I have to decide which design I like the best! Candy corn and peanuts this weekend...:-)

bethany said...

I'm so glad that you like the skirt!! I love Freshly Picked as well-it is such a cute shop!! Thanks!