Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 3 A.K.A Let's just relax

So we blew up the little pool for a change and they had a great time with it.

Really the best $35 we ever spent. Do you believe it has lasted 2 years and was only $35 at Costco?
Candi & Ariel brought crafts for us to do....they had so much fun doing them.
Very festive, don't you think?
Then I pulled out the craft sand(which my husband responded with a "where have you been keeping a case of craft sand hidden?) and created
fun sun/star keychains. This one was an Ariel special.

Then we had an egg and spoon race and blew
We went in the big pool again and the kids were regular little fish...swimming further, splashing harder and getting braver.
After the pool, Candi treated us to chuck roast and mashed potatoes. You have NO idea how delicious it was. Charles made me take notes while she was cooking it. It was so good. Thanks Candi, for the yummy treat.

For dessert we pulled out my ice cream lazy susan and the kids LOVED it. Ariel asked if we could use that again next time she comes to visit. So sweet.

Ice cream served in special dishes make it taste that much better. YUM!


Kim Sue said...

you guys were mighty industrious for a stay-at-home, relax day. love that ice cream tray...cute, cute.

Jill said...

What an excellent day! We bought one of those Costco pools last summer for the 16 day sleepover with the cousins, but it got a hole in it after about 12 days. I still thought it was totally worth it for the hours they spent outside though.