Saturday, April 05, 2008

Yes it is true, she is 2 and

She is a big girl now! Sorry about the poor lighting and different angles. I was so excited I was just so happy I caught it on camera. This is my first try at slides and uploading video to Blogger. Hopefully, it will work out alright.

Other excitement for the day?

From Cristina and her BEAUTIFUL daughters. Although she wrote that it was tardy good mail, it wasn' was right on time, on a day we needed a boost.

A fun magnetic toy for the fridge for Natalie's birthday. Also, the cutest card ever from her girls. oh my, I got some fun good mail. Fun dish towels, double mint soap, some yummy kisses, a sweet letter and Birthday Cake room spray. Ever had birthday cake room spray? No, probably not, cause she MADE the spray herself! AND IT SMELLS LIKE lie. She may have to start an etsy business. (HINT, hint, Cristina). Thanks for thinking of us....she even included See's lollipops for the kids and Charles, so no one felt left out. Thanks so much Cristina for making our Saturday so much better!


StacyD said...

Yep...your crib days are numbered! That reminds me of a little monkey at our house!

Cristina Mathers said...

so glad you liked it!

I tried to take apart the toy because it kept going off in the box! "A is for apple!" Unfortch, there was no off switch!

love that video too! i think both of our crib days are numbered!

Jill said...

How does she make birthday cake fragrance? I'm baffled and intrigued.

It's cool that you caught Natalie in action with her crib-climbing skills. That's a big milestone, but can seriously complicate nap time. Good luck with that!