Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A "Fair"ly good Sunday!

Sunday morning we followed my parents out to the fairgrounds for the county fair. We got there early and boy, did it pay off. The kids had no waiting for rides and the "carnies" were nice enough to let them last longer than a minute.

We conquered dragons.Were absolutely adorable sailing the high seas.

Bonded with Grandma Nev on the carousel.
Went fishing.
Went on a roller coaster "even faster" than the dragon. Do you love Michael's expression? He wants to smile, but not too sure yet.Made our own rope and now have 2 very fun jump ropes that are perfect for their height.
I caught several pics of these two enjoying each other. My heart almost exploded from the cuteness of it. Michael just loves his big brother.

They loved riding the elephant with Grandma.

Grandpa teaching Michael how to shoot the water...
Can you keep your balance and hold onto a coke bottle? He is only allowed one soda, so you know that he would rather fall than lose that:)
You need to take driving very seriously.
Another sister shot that warms my heart.
Showed NO FEAR going down the slide.

The Scavo Family literally took over the train. If Natalie was old enough to ride alone, we would have used the entire train. When did I have 4 kids?
Yeah, mom....see ya!We won fun prizes. Lindsey won 2 strawberry shortcakes and Michael won a worm and a star.

4 hours later this is how we all felt. We had a great time.


Kim Sue said...

what a fun day!

Cristin said...

Looks like a wonderful fair day!

Mom2fur said...

What a great day you had! The baby is so sweet, conked out in her stroller.
BTW, I'm doing a 400th post giveaway on my blog, if you'd like to visit!