Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Not bad for a Wednesday.

Since Michael had no school today, Natalie and I decided to take him to a new park here.

Don't you love the view?

Michael couldn't wait to conquer one of their rock walls.
After he did it, he squealed..."I can't wait to tell Daddy I am just like him!". How's that for cute?Little miss Natalie couldn't be bothered with me or the camera, as is evident in EVERY photo I tried to take. She just had too many things to do.

See what I mean? An open field and she was off!

After the park we headed to Toysrus for play sand and that is how come I ended up with these?

and a few other "necessities"?

Other tidbits going on in our lives...

*Tyler wants to grow his hair out like one of the Jonas Brothers.

*If I have to hear him play Miley Cyrus' song "See you again" one more time, I may explode. I liked it the 1st thousand times I heard it, now I am very over it.

*My biological father is coming to town in a week. Let my over-analyzing begin!

*Charles' 25th high school reunion is in May. Wow, he's old. JK!

*Charles' good friend Danny & his wife Norma, had a beautiful baby girl a week ago. We can't wait to meet her.

Stay tuned for Natalie's birthday's now only 21 days old. Wait til you see the cake Janice made, YUM-MO! Okay may be reading too much Rachael Ray lately.


Jill said...

The sky looks fake in those park pictures, I love it when that happens.

Cristin said...

There is something about a park this time of year -- it just doesn't get any better! Looks like a very fun day...

Cristina Mathers said...

wow! what a fun park. i'll bet they had some fun. i am not cool enough to know what the jonas brother sing, but i do know that i am glad that ellie isn't old enough to like hannah montana. however, i am pretty sick of little einstiens.

you guys have way too much fun!