Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Miscellaneousness(How is that for a title?)

Lindsey received a letter from her friend, Miranda. Talk about good mail. Her letter is on her way to Miranda as I type.Speaking of good mail....look what I neglected to mention I got from my good friend, Stacy. Cool rub-ons, a Monk and Neagle cd, a canvas to monogram, a WHOLE sheet of stamps, and my favorite...a cover for my planner. Don't you love the color and pattern? Remember to check out her shop at Etsy...I Believe Designs. She has these camera straps that are so great. I have one and always get complimented on it. Check her out.

Michael hamming it up for the camera. What is so significant about the photo with him next to our filthy van? This was his 5th trip to the car! Removing all of his "special things" that he had collected. He was so cute. Huffing and puffing about all the "work" he had to do. Not mad about it, just extremely, extremely busy with it. So cute.

Charles' best friend from high school came into town to visit. While at the park the kids put together and impromptu ball game(out of town visitors and game not pictured, due to chasing 3 little ones away from wayward throws or hits). This pic of Savannah about to hit the ball just makes me smile. She just turned 13. Happy birthday to you!

While at that park we were able to catch a couple of our little lady running to me and running to hug a tree. EVERY time we are at a park, any park, she hugs the trees.

Quality car time.

Beautiful tulips my husband surprised me with.

Our St. Patrick's Day came and went with no pinches, plenty of green and lots of fun. That night our elementary school had a meeting with the school board and Tyler gave his presentation first. Yes, my Tyler stood before 6 people and gave a speech, a very good one that he wrote on his own. He basically asked them not to close the school because he still felt safe there and he was speaking for the autistic children who couldn't speak for themselves. He told them he had autism and how much the school supported him, but I loved his closing line.....Please don't close Rogers, you have so much going on here that is right and good. I still get teary eye when I think of him up there do the best he could. He tried to make eye contact with them several times and he even got a little choked up himself. There was not a dry eye in the place. I was so proud of him. He was really excited when he saw that he made the 10 o'clock news. We have a star among us.

This picture to show you that Lindsey is simply a genius. She made that I crazy to be impressed that my 5 year old drew a cube?

Caught playing "Castles and things" in his room. It makes my heart happy.

Dancing her heart out. Loving the outfit.

Saturday before Easter we had Lindsey's classmate over for a playdate. We decorated eggs, made books and had to dress-up. Cute, huh? Oh yeah, Batman was on the scene to rescue the princesses. Complete with sound effects,"Nananananananananana, BATMAN".
Have I told you lately, I love these kids of mine?

Stay tuned for Natalie's 2nd birthday's only 16 days overdue.

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Jill said...

There was a whole in this post. That was some seriously good mail from Stacy! I love the tulips from Charles, so sweet.

Tyler's speech sounds great, I'm sure I would have cried too.