Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A little happy.

From the past month or so.

Beautiful pink roses Charles gave me for Valentine's Day. Along with 7 dozen more!!! It was so fragrant in the house with all the red, yellow and purple roses.
This photo I caught while riding with Michael in the backseat. I think it is so cool.
Lindsey taking her pancake and wrapping it around eggs.
Blankets. Receiving blankets, throws, name it I love them. Ask Janice she'll fill you in on that obsession. This pile was just the 3rd or 4th that I packed away from Natalie's room. Crazy I know.

Yep, Natalie is a big girl in a booster seat now. Can you tell she if very excited about it? And Fruit Loops. Need I say more?
Individual shepherd pies. Does everything just taste better in cute little dishes or what?
Happiness is......finding a cute easter dish scrubber for $.99 and finding an extra bottle of my favorite dish soap in the cupboard.
Making chocolate chip cookies with the kids. Is there anything more fun than that?

Other happy moments lately?
*Charles is on week 2 of the new job.
*He is almost done with the baseboard in the living room and hallway.
*Lindsey won a Lifeskill award at school for "No Put Downs". That makes me very proud.
*Tyler's school started a social group with 4 other boys that have autism every Thursday morning. He seems to be enjoying it and I think he feels relieved that he is not the only one.
*My father-in-law is doing really well with his chemo. He is tired alot and has lost almost all of his hair, but he is in good spirits.
*When your kindergartner comes home and says, "Mommy, I am sorry I didn't finish my lunch. I ate my sandwich, the leaves(baby spinach) and the carrots....but I couldn't eat the cookie. I'm sorry." So stinkin cute.
*When Michael tells you that you are his "favorite heart".
*Or when you look in the backseat and Michael is singing 'Bet on it' from High School Musical...word for word. Adorable. Hope I can catch that on video sometime.
*Planning for Natalie's birthday....she is going to be 2 in 6 days. I can't quite believe it.

Wow, I do have alot to be happy about! Have a great Wednesday!

3 comments: said...

Yep! All those are HAPPY things!! You always seem to have a lot going on! Busy Mom!!

Jill said...

You got 8 dozen roses for Valentine's Day?? Wow!!

The night sky picture is beautiful.

I love soft receiving blankets too.

Anything in a small dish tastes better.

Cristina Mathers said...

that's my fave dish soap too! in fact, i cannot use any other kind! that's why i have several bottles of dawn under my sink collecting dust!! =)