Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael did have a 4th birthday. Honest.

He got to have 2! His actual birthday was pretty uneventful. He was very, very was most of the family, so it was pretty low-key.

with a football cake....can you see how sick he was? Hurts my heart just looking at his sunken eyes and pale face.

But, he was a trooper and opened up some presents. His favorite gift? A dirt devil vacuum. Who knew? On his 2nd rescheduled birthday party(Super Bowl Sunday), he was feeling a little better and ready to help set up his Cars party. He just loves McQueen!
We just served sandwiches, chips and veggies....we knew everyone would be leaving room for their Super Bowl munchies.

Janice did it again! She made this amazing cake! We were afraid to cut it...okay not too afraid. Her cakes taste just as good as they look.

She is so detail-oriented, she had to have Michael's car have his name on it, age and passing through the finish line. Thanks Janice for helping us out. You are the best!

The bounce house was a hit, as usual. I love the girls hair in this one.

How she kept that party hat on the whole time, I'll never know.
I still can't believe our boy is 4!
Couldn't leave out this photo......she even made a checkered cake.....get it, checkered clever and delish!

It is not a party if you don't have a Mater hat, grass in your hair from rolling out of the bounce house onto the ground and chocolate cake all over your face....really it's not.

Our birthday boy all smiles with his present. He received so many fun and different things. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all his great gifts.
P.S. Do we ever wash our children's mouths? They both still have chocolate on their faces!!!


Cristin said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

Jill said...

Wow, I'm impressed with that gorgeous cake, the fun sandwiches, the bounce house and all the fun. You guys know how to do parties right!