Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hard drive crash survivor.

Only reason I am able to be here is because I have a super-sweet mil who let me use her computer! Yep, hard drive died last Tuesday. We were able to retrieve most of the data, but have to wait for the new drive to come to use our computer. Can you tell the non-bloggin', non-emailin' and non-shoppin' is killing me???? I have so much to tell you(my faithful 6 readers). Like Friday is Charles' last day....yep company moved to Canada. Our neighborhood elementary school might be closed down next year.......which will completely break my heart. So much more, but I have to run back to my house and get those cute kids of mine to bed.


Cristina Mathers said...

oh no! that happened to us and we had to get a new computer, which actually was cool, because this one is alot better. can't wait to hear about all the fun things you six have been up to! hang in there!

Jill said...

Oh dear, I wouldn't wish a hard drive crash on anyone. I hope you can either get it fixed or get a new one right away!

I need more info on Charles' job and the school situation.

Donna S said...

Oh, Heather, I can't believe you without your computer. I wondered what happened!! I missed your updates.
Can't wait for more details about Charles job & what he's doing now!!
Donna Sweedo

Mom2fur said...

Ach! I'd be tearing my hair out! I'm so addicted to my computer, it isn't even funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather I was on Kristi's blog and saw a link to your's So let me intoduce myself, I'm Keri and I too am a "Hard drive crash survivor" well actually it was a fatality. I lost everything and it felt like a death in the family(how crazy is that, im kinda embarrassed to say it) Please share how you were able to recover your info. I just wanted to tell you I share your pain of being without a computer. Good Luck!

Cristin said...

Oh my...good luck with everything! We had a computer glitch a few weeks back...I hadn't realized -- before that -- just how much I rely on the computer! Hope your hard drive recovers soon!