Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some of my favorite gifts this year.

When I was little, an artist took my fingerprint and made it into an angel ornament. It is my Mom's favorite ornament and mine too. This year she totally surprised me and did just that for all four of my children. I teared up when I opened it.....such a thoughtful gift, thanks Mom.

Other happy gifts from my parents included some much needed Cuisinart cookware and for my birthday, the deluxe turntable version of Scrabble. Scrabble is my all-time favorite game. Woohoo.

My favorite gift from my cute husband was an ipod nano. Isn't she pretty? Do you see why I have a crush on Adam Levine? Favorite gift picked out by the kids? Bright red polka-dotted undies???? Lindsey said "Mommy HAS to have them". Sweet girl. Favorite gift from Charles for my birthday? Gorgeous topaz earrings and necklace that I have yet to photograph. I am so loved!


Cristin said...

Cute ornaments...and great gifts.

We are huge scrabble fans too! With the official dictionary and everything...Pete almost always wins, but I make him earn it! I think the more we play, the better we get...Pete ALWAYS has multiple 7 letter words in a game -- I on the other hand do not!

Jill said...

What thoughtful gifts!

jessi said...

I got the same iPod nano for my anniversary - and I also love it!